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I've seen many leopard prints, biohazard signs, band names, and stripes, but what was your favorite or best dye style?

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I don't know, I'm guessing getting that done would be really expensive though. And very hard to do it yourself.
Ooooooh my goodness Ive been having a fit trying to let my sides grow out enough to do the leopard print!

I just want to shave them all the time. =/

But I will prevail! . . . hopefully.

My dream mohawk is turquoise blue with purple tips (or the other way around, doesnt matter too much. =D) and leopard printed sides. *drool* (and somewhere inbetween 4-10 inches.)
How long would the sides have to be for me to do a biohazard sign? And where could I get it done?
Mine were shaved with a bic razor and I'll prolly do mine next week.(3 weeks to grow out) So, not that long.
When I do it, if you like I can send you a picture of how short the sides are. (I don't know how to explain it, its less and a 1/2 inch right now maybe a centimeter?)

You could prolly go to a salon and get a stencil done orrrrr
Print out a biohazard sign to the size you like, cut it out (like you would if you were making a stencil) and get someone you trust, to draw it on the side of your head with an ink pen. Then you get your friend to take a regular paintbrush and paint in the lines. Let it sit, rinse, and enjoy the lovely design.

I'm pretty sure you can get a stencil done by a pro, but I think that can get pretty costly, and it grows out pretty fast.
OMGoodness that sounds like a great mohawk! I'd definitely want to do that and I can't wait to see pics if you ever get it.
Thank you!
I don't think that my hair is long enough to look right with the two toned colors, so I think I'm going monotone for a while. =/ (maybe red, purple, or blue)

And I'll be sureeee to post pictures!
If the back of yours is as tall as the top and front then yeah it'd probably take a little bit. I think mine's long enough to do two-tone, I just can't think of a good way to have one color on bottom and a different color for tips. I'm not exactly the most intuitive thinker, and hair dye is chemicals and I'm not gonna go experimentin' with chemicals on my head. But if you don't mind, I might actually steal that idea when I can get the colors. By the way, do you know a good way to do leopard print? Not just the pattern but getting the colors to look right and everything?
My hair is about 3 inches or so now. Its grown a bit, but I don't think its long enough either.

Chemicals? Like? Thats sounds like it would be baad for your hair. You know you can get hair colors in a box. Thats how I do it haha.

That'd be awesome! I'd love to see you do it! Be sure to post pictures if you get it done. =D

Celery sticks. Dip them in the dye and you have the C and O shapes. And the edges I'd just paint on with a paintbrush. Black and brown dye (like a demi-dye that you can get in a box). I would do the colors at 2 separate times, or be reallllly careful not to blend them.
Ah, that sounds like a good method. I'm gonna have to write that down here in a little bit for when I actually want to do that.

And of course I will! :D It'll look so good too. I just recently started really liking turquoise, it's a really nice color for hair.

And not chemical chemicals, but if I screw it up I'd have to bleach it out and it'd be too much trouble to fix it. But I'm really wanting to do two colors in my hair right now(since I already have them :P), lime green and deep purple, and I was thinking I could have my 'hawk lime green and do the tips the purple. But I dunno how. So I'm lurking on the forums to find such a technique.
celery!= pure genius. thanks for the tips.
Wow I just dyed my hair purple on the top and turquoise on the bottom. I'll try to get pictures up tomorrow


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