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Seriously, if you were told that in a month or two you might come into as much as $500k what would you do with it? 

I'm thinking:


-Help my parents set up out 'commune' in Missouri or New Mexico (solar powered everything, greenhouse, etc so we'd be completely self sufficient).


-Get a few tattoos I've been craving




-Put a lot into savings CDs


-Possibly take some courses at SVA in NYC while living there for a while to get it out of my system (a dream since childhood)


But past that, I have no idea. Maybe pay off a doctor to take out all my inner girly organs (I don't want kids, plus I'm paranoid about cancer) lol

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2 chicks at the same time


 Buy a 'good' house.... -shrug-

I would think about it
I would get a car, the piercings ive wanted, a nice house for my family to live in and invest the rest in property  and other things.

Invest and save most of it.

The big ticket items I'd really want would be to go to school where I want to. Money is a bummer.

Buy my parents a house, travel Europe, get drunk, buy lots of blow, go to school for a few years and invest what I could manage to save.
Pay me, my best friends and my cousin through university, donate some to a charity and keep the rest as savings.
buy myself and my mum a house so she could gtfo lol.fuck that, id go to the netherlands or spain.

pay for grad school and other necessities (clothes, food, rent etc.)

and of course i'd put some aside for investment... its like wishing for more wishes. 

  • move to a beach on a little island in the Caribbean.
  • buy some rum.
  • relax on the beach. 
  • give the rest to away i would have no need for it.

I would buy:

-a new bass/amp

-a fetus in a jar

-a gold-plated toilet seat

-the delorean from back to the future

-michael j. fox's shoes from back to the future

-drugs, lots of drugs


-a drum kit

-hair dye

-a record store

-did I mention drugs?

-move to some location that isn't america

I think this would cost over the limit given.


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