Mohawks Rock

Doesn't have to be on MTV or the like...

Ones i like are Oxymoron 'Run from Reality'

The Restarts 'Timewaster'

The Rabble 'This world is Dead'

Plenty More but add ones you like!

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It's funny there's nothing special to the timewaster video but it's great. I think I slightly prefer Timewaster over Genetic Code
i was thinking about naming my band oxymoron. where have i been i never heard of them
...i dunno that they are doin stuff any more or touring.. Sucker has a new band called 'Bad Co Project' which pretty much is just a continuation..
I reckon some of the best punk songs have been done by Oxymoron
Rancid- Ruby Soho. Love this vid, XD.
Yeah that is a good one

How about these ones too?

Love Spicy McHaggis Jig!

I read the title and thought:

casualties- get off my back

flogging molly- drunken lullabies

and there they are xD

YEEAAAH the rabble =] i love that song
did you see them when they toured europe?
ive seen them twice at rebelion festival but never just at one of there gigs.. there back for rebelion this year tho so i will be seing them again =]
These are ok, but NOTHING beats the MENTORS!!! This is a clip of El Duce's funniest drunk

for a claymation this video is amazingly well done

the dead milkmen one is my favorite :}


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