Mohawks Rock

Doesn't have to be on MTV or the like...

Ones i like are Oxymoron 'Run from Reality'

The Restarts 'Timewaster'

The Rabble 'This world is Dead'

Plenty More but add ones you like!

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SEWAGE Circa Mid 90's doing the Tompkins Square Street Punk Anthem DETOX DOLL!

Fucken good! Did they do an album?

The Dead Milkmen video is great, but their video for Methodist Coloring Book is even better!

Heres a few of my favorites.
It's not punk rock, but its one of my favorite music videos.

not really a "music video," just looks like somthing the band did when they were bord :P


Moustache!!! 8{D
I had to watch it a few times to see if it was a little kid, or a midget
Hahaha. Thats great, mustaches are the bomb.


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