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Just kinda courious cause there's another thread about nicknames and this kind goes with it. Mines Ben. Whats yours? And dont spaz. Ok. Just having some more fuckin fun like we always do. Haha

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Hannahs cool. My sister named her daughter Greenleigh at the last moment. I thought that was really wierd for the longest time. Hahaha
my parents wanted to name me tempest or chelsea carrera..though the second one i kinda like better then my real name haha
Full name? or just first?
Just first i guess.
Dru the Goo
makes sense now...
Derek . I know boring but if my mum had a choice I would of been an aaron .

on the topic of names if I had a choice in naming my kids it would be Trinda or Claire for a girl , Trent or Casey for a boy .
My real name I didn't know how to spell until I was 10 (no one ever called me by it) and that is Alexanderia.
Parents always called me Alexis from the start and my grandparents call me Lexi and both have stuck in various places, but Alexis seems to be the more commonly used one.
My son is gonna be like that. We call him Ethan, but his real name is Jonathan. The reason for that is because he's a Jr. and I didn't want to have a mix up with his dad.
Timothy. But everyone calls me Tim. Yeah... it means Gods Honor. Any cool nicknames to call myself? Nope. Nothing but Tim. Or Timmy but Timmy sounds like a 1950s instructional video main character.
i love the name tim XD


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