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Just kinda courious cause there's another thread about nicknames and this kind goes with it. Mines Ben. Whats yours? And dont spaz. Ok. Just having some more fuckin fun like we always do. Haha

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Mines Natasha Marie Lazaravich (la-zar-a-vich)
But everyone calls me Tasha. or Tash.

In grade 8 I got in shit once cause on a test I wrote Tasha instead of Natasha and the teacher made this whole big deal about me taking the first 2 letters off of my name. He was going on like "Oh okay, well we can just take the first 2 letters off everyones name, Like 'Rdan and 'Anda. oh and we can just call Sam, M." I ended up arguing back that Sam, is an abbreviation of Samantha and if she can remove the last 5 letters of her name I can take of the first 2. He shut up after that lmao
Janielle O'Dochartaigh.
evry1 has such normal nice lovely names
i h8 u all
i wnt a nice name like emma smith or jenny fittz ,marie flag or bendy
mine is jared douglas holl anyone know where its from?
mine is hamish
Hi. My name is Arietta and I am a mohawk addict.

I got a different middle name than my namesake (my mom's mom)... hers was Murdock... really... Murdock.
I quite like the name Murdock.

Or Zachary Murdock, if my parents were feeling nice.
Lovisa. It's sooo boring.
I have never ever heard anyone with the same name and I think its beautiful...I'm quite jealous.
Woah, really? It's quite common here, guess that's why I'm bored with it.
Catharine Elinor, or Katie less formally. I was named after my grandmothers, and I love them but boy- very common names. Made even more common by putting them together.


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