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So guys, what do we do when it rains? Right now I have to use a little umbrella that, being pink, makes me a little more self conscious. If my hair gets rained on, it just kinda falls over and dies.
So, my actual question for you lot is:
Has anyone found a good, weather resistant way of styling their hair or are we doomed to using umbrellas or getting wet forever?

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mocos de gorilla
a bitch to wash out
Gorilla snot? Haha, that name is just awesome!

I've never been able to successfully stand my mohawk with just gel, is it thick and heavy or pretty light-weight?
I've tried that shit its to heavy to stick up my hawk i guess with a shorter hawk it'd work but not for a tall one.
I use tre'semme freeze spray, and I can go swimming at the beach and have it stay up.
Sounds good, I'll have a look when I'm out later.
Yeah, I want video evidence!
No way!!! tre'semme freeze spray and what? back-comb? blow dry?.....
I use loads of product in my hair so its pretty solid anyway but when it rains stay inside or run lol
ill just let if fall over, i like to wear the hawk up or even down. looks cool both ways

I just run like hell from the truck to the door if its heavy rain.

a light sprinkle I can stand in all day, it doesn't do anything too extreme, DOES make it feel weaker and my head smell like hairspray

I can't stand when hairspray gets in my eyes, it burns like fuck. Spiker Ice by Joico is supposed to be water resistant, but after lots of shampoo and hot water it washes out. I never really tested it in the rain.
got a mist setting on the shower head? might be the equivalent of really think rain


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