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I live in Saskatchewan, Canada. Go ahead, look it up. It's pretty much a frozen tundra from November to March.  And every facking year I gotta put up with slipping and sliding around on snow and ice when I walk anywhere. And I walk everywhere. 


Anyone have any good idea's for anti-slip stuff to put on boots? Or to keep from the steel from freezing, which also sucks.  I had a friend a who glued those bathtub mats to her boots. It worked well till the glue froze and broke off the boot. 


So other than those winter cleats ya gotta take on and off I'd love for yooooou to share. 

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I thought about using grip tape, the stuff you put on a skateboard on my shoes. I'm not sure how well it would work, but its pretty cheap, like five bucks for an entire sheet. I think they make "grips" for shoes too, but I'm not sure how well they work, Ive never tried them.

Hmmm, that sounds pretty interesting. I think I'm gonna have to try it. 



grip tape worked decently well, i bought a giant roll in a hardware store for really cheap but after a few months i had to re-do it. never tried them myself but it is worth a shot if you like the way you tailbone is currently positioned. And if the steel freezes you mix a little but of oil and diesel and put it on the steel and the ice won't stick. Silicone spray should also work though :)


 You're in Canada dudette, why aren't you rocking any bunny boots?... They come in black too y'know?

What are bunny boots?

I wondered that too - so I googled.  Allow me to present three possibilities...(I never realised that word had so many 'i's) :D


Sometimes googling is scary...

What i do prolly aint smart but when i lose the traction in my boots i cut more grooves into the bottom of them. Helps them grip better.. Not recommended if you want to take care of them.

I don't think melted ice slush seeping through the bottom will help.

Those would be the white boots on the far right. Developed by the military, rated for temperatures beyond -20. People also call them 'mickey mouse boots' or 'mickeys'

 they are made of rubber, bolded around layers of wool. You can submerge them, just change your socks, bail the water out, you're good to go again.. can't do that with regular snow-packs..

The outsole is also supple enough to grip on ice.. but not in a way like cleats would.


 I have a pair myself. They are a whole size bigger than normal, so I got a size smaller, and they're plenty comfortable.


The bunny boots seem a bit extreme, I'm not that far north. 

at least they're cheap. they run $77. USD at the most.


 They look a little weird, but they're awesome :).



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