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(women) what to say when someone asks you if your a lezbo???

i wanna know some awesome come backs!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Thats my joke! ^-^ Cept I use it as "ask your dad" a few times... I get weird looks.
you could say " no dear but for you I would be willing to learn " wink
I have guys ask me a lot - who are like, "well you'd be a hot lesbian" ... ohkay ... haha it's silly.

I think secretly people ask cause they are insecure and KNOW we're bold and beautiful and amazing.
It seems to be a crime for a girl to say to another girl "you're hot" without being a lesbian. Same with guys. Wtf, man?

It's bullshit.
hmm..its not that way for me.
tho its generally een more normal wehn they know me.
most girls that compliment me like that keel the need to add 'im not gay'

like thers a problem with thinking another girl is ot.
but not being sexually attracted.
i can just recognize and appreciate good looks.
dont mean i want anything more.

You guys know exactly what I'm talking about.



say even if i was one which im not are saying being a lezbian is a bad or negative thing
then slam ur hand against a table or wall in a threaterning manor
and say
cause if ur expeling homophobic behavour were gna have to take this out side(in the case of u already being out side suggest somwhere else like "the quarry" or"behind the tree")
works evrytime

Then you go from being a suspected lesbian to an angry, mentally unstable lesbian!

I love it.

No one fucks with PMSing women.
i get all sorts of things. before i did my hawk some ppl would think i was a guy, especially w a hat on. so that bothers me, because it makes me feel like i have no "pretty" or girlie features.
on the other hand, i feel awkward telling girls theyre hot, or trying to hit on them because i dont want them to freak out on me if theyre strait. i have less issues getting guys because if they are gay, they just tell me something along the lines of "sweetheart, i need more meat than u've got" i've never had a bad reaction from a gay guy ive hit on. its hard to know who u can and cant hit on i guess.
sorry i dont have a good comeback.
ive been asked this many times..and im always with my bezzie mate at the time
so we usually just grab each other and say ' of course'


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