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What FIVE things would you fockin love t'do right now
I'm making it FIVE so it's harder to choose

in no particular order, mine are:

1. Have banging, angry, loud sex that smashes up my room
2. Curb Gordon Brown
3. Sprout angel wings and just fly away
4. Turn the sun back on
5. Learn to wank AND write these things simultaneously WITHOUT all the mess and typos

I'd prefferably like to amalgomate all five of mine into one fun-filled activity aswell, that way i'd have four more options left over =] ..

there ya go,

this is a good way t'learn about other people

dont comment on my top five unless you have to, just accept that there's no hope for me xD

... GO!


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Oprah's a cunt.
XD When I was in middle school I had to write a paper on "Who my hero is" and I wrote about Oprah becasue she could own the state or New Jersey or something. Nothing about it was real, but I was just like, fuck I'm going to make this interesting and I am NOT writing about my mommy and daddy.
I have wirtten so many "off topic" but still relevant essays that had to be given good grades because the followed the guidelines.
1.Drink a bottle of SoCo.
2.Blast some Mighty Mighty Bosstones, The Specials, possible some Distillers.
3.Go on a road trip.
4.Skinny dip.
5.Have random, crazy sex.

Yay. All very responsible decisions, of course.
skinny dipping is the shit brah.
walking back to the car butt naked is even more hilarious because someone stole your clothes. (the next day of course)
I ate glue and paper in preschool.

And swallowed a goldfish on a dare when I was drunk. I...really don't recommend it. Ugh.
I haven't showered in 2 weeks...hows that for disgusting?

...Well not 2 weeks, but its been a while. >.>
Honestly, I know people who shower everyday and smell worst than anything else imaginable. I think as long as you keep everything all tidy and you aren't smelly, there really isn't a need to shower everyday, unless you're obviously dirty and stuff.

I laugh at the people who freak out when they are like, "OMG, I forgot to shower this morning before school.. i'm gross!"
I hate that sooo much. I can go 3-7 days with out getting really rank (depending on what I'm doing, but just normal days). I love that my boyfriend will go a week with out showering, tell me after he showers, and won't know the difference. O.o He's on of those lucky ones...

People who overreact like that make me just want to like...kick dirt and sneeze on them C:
I work in a mall of prissy girls who haven't had to sweat ever in their life.

they are not fun.
I like to tell them I go to shows and hang out in packed mosh pits with boys who sweat more than a bottle of soda on the 4th of July at high noon. The looks on their face are priceless.
I have a frohawk... especially just after i wash it. Curse my afro-caribbean heritage for giving me these damned curls!
Gordon Bown is England's George Bush.

Nuff said.


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