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YO! Im makeing a new video soon Titled as "Durability of liberty spikes" and i need your help/opinions.

so yeah, i might be making another video soon, not sure yet? but its gana be about the Durability of liberty spikes: using got2b glued and freeze spray.
so im basically gana show everyone how durable the product is by doing some and im going to be answering the most common question that people with Mohawks/liberty spikes get, like how do you sleep, how do you shower and other Questions.....should i make it??

...if you guys know any other common Questions you guys get that you would like me to answer, or if you have your own questions about the spikes?
hopefully i couls use some for me video.

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oh and can you actually have enough stuff on them to pop a balloon
Its stronger mostly.
how long dose your hair have to be to have liberty spikes


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