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you get banned from playing in Warped Tour if you have a show within 90 days of it

I was reading on another forum that playing a show 45 days prior and 45 days after Warped Tour gets you banned from playing in it again. 

Same for "Punk Rock Bowling," you get banned from playing in it if you play any time near the day of the event.

The reason why is that it takes business away from the events (PRB/ Warped)

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warped is indeed emo kid central or what ever they call them selfs now. scene?
id rather just go see local bands...if there were any good ones. houston sucks for music
but still this PRB sounds pretty legit

That's so anti-punk ideologically for a 'punk' rock concert series.


fucking corporate pigs

I learned to avoid the Warped Tour from hearing other peoples experiences.
Honestly...warped tour usually blows anyways, so if i were a band I wouldn't care. As for PRB, I've never been to one of their events so I wouldn't know, but honestly I don't think they should have the right to do that because even if it does cut into their money making, they are still going to make tons more than what the band is paid.
That's shit. Luckily we don't have touring stuff like that in the UK, just huge festivals, where bands can play somewhere else the next day, or even that morning if they want to.


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