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Whos the youngest on the site, and whose the oldest?
just a random thought

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I'm probably the youngest 13 as of June 28
28 here
I'm probably the oldest. Soon to be 51 years young. I think and behave more like a 30 y/o, though.
You're still young. My dad is like.. almost 54. You're all good haha.
Thanks. You made my day. Only problem I have is a little arthritis. Hurts sometimes when I comb the fan. Nothing a little Biofreeze ointment can't take of, though.

BTW, your dad should try a 'hawk. It would be cool to have a father-daughter 'hawk team.
It's ok, I have it in one of my thumbs because the bone isn't aligned properly and whenever I bend it it cracks and it's gross. Haha

HAHAHA yeah right! He has a white man fro anyways. He's actually more accepting than my mom about the hair though.
im 18 gonna b 19 in march
21 here
I'll be 18 in March
Everyone is giving me crap about when am I gonna cut mine. They say I'm getting to old to have one, or what am I gonna do when I'm older. I'm only 24! And does it really matter how old you are?
Yeah, I got that recently from a friend (one who likes me having a 'hawk! :O ) - think he was winding me up <.< >.>

But yeah, some folk do want to try and make you conform to their norms and use age as an excuse to make you feel guilty about being you.

Keep doing what you like! Your age don't matter. I do what I like while I can. =)

someone said what about when you're older? my reply is I may or may not have one, I don't predict the future. I saw a myspace page for a lady well into her 60's who has be rocking a hawk forever. and she is FABULOUS!

(and for any asshole that offers to cut my hair for me, I tell them i'm quite capable for a girl - i cut my own hair, too.
I'm so close to being 20 man, haha. I don't see why my hair would bug someone who is going to be dead by the time I reach the age they are concerned about, aye!)

Keep it as long as you can, there is no reason not to some times.


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