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Hell yes, zombie walk. In Memphis, TN tonight at 6:30. I didn't know where to post this but, pics will be posted afterward. It's gonna be bloody good fun!

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Fantastic! Look forward to seeing the pictures. There is an "events" section on Mohawks Rock which posts events in a calendar format. This seems to work this close to the event though. If you use twitter and twitter any of your pictures you can add @mohawksrock to your tweets.

Finally, you can create an album on here to keep all the photos together. Title the album something like "Zombie Walk Memphis 2009", and then probably in a few weeks if you Google that, your album should be one of the top results, since this site is getting indexed by Google pretty well.
Ah, thanks so much GMM! I didn't see a better place at the time. And it 'twas awesome. :D Pics indeed.
What is punk's obsession with zombies?
Dude, I dunno. But the whole thing was effin' great. :D If you ever come to America Sega, I highly suggest finding the closest one and preparing sufficiently 'cuz it was that awesome! I'll have pics up as soon as I attain all cameras that were taken.
Sounds great.


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