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(lets try to keep this nice and stuff, haha)

Everyone has a favorite something.

Throw down! Your most favorite thing in the world is......................

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First two: hobbies; last two: addictions. =)

Computing practicals.

Tomatoes! In all forms: raw, cooked, sauce, pureed.
The rubber of soles. haha Oh, and cut grass after the rain.
Fav. country: mmm...doesn't really matter to me any more - but Japan & Russia both appealed.
My fav's according to your categories.....

Activity....Road trippin' with great friends and clean cars....

Class....Still waiting to get into my Business Marketing course work...

Food...Im a talent in the kitchen .... I love it all from Real Raw to Super Baked Cheesy Goodness....

Band.... Any thing I can bounce my little heart around and have a great time...not getting all angry like and worried about what they are really know what I mean!

Country....I guess the US...There has not been a man brave enough to take me for a whirl!

Smell.....Urrggg I love vanilla gorilla.....Sounds strange...But donky that is silly!

My all time favorite is sitting with the kids and they actually listen to what I have to say then take it into consideration for use in their own lives...Thats the best!!

Feeling productive :)

I love reading and music ..... and my boyfriend :)


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