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as long as you have the basics down,you need to start educating yourselves learn the truth(about everything) learn how not to rely on petty people and think for yourslves develop opinoins of ur own!

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sometimes it's helpful to have a guide. develop your own opinions yes, but also learn how to articulate them and express them to other people.
One VERRRRY important skill.
School matters, I think, in multiple ways. It brings us basic interaction skills, it also opens everything up as "fair game." You might not enjoy math, but you've really taken to choir. Or you may not enjoy art class, but science really gets you excited. Once you've found your niche, so to speak, you can start gearing towards specialising in it.

I've always said "Don't let school get in the way of your education," and I still believe it to be true. It guides you, as Jenni put it, and jumpstarts you in the right direction, but ultimately /you/ have to carry through.
And as you come up to leave school and look towards any further stuff, like University, the staff there have already experienced a good amount of life and can help you make decisions based on their experience. School isn't your total education, but it shows you what's out there and will help you get where you want to be.
also learning to navigate the bullshit you encounter in school is a life lesson all on it's own! prepares you for a lifetime of dealing with small minded people :D and learning how to avoid them, haha
Yes, always keep learning, only you are responsible for your education.

Sometimes I like to think of school as helping you build bridges of connection and communication.

Sure reading Moby Dick is probably not going to put food on your table.

However, if you know someone else has read Moby Dick, especially since you know they had the same teacher or curriculum, then you have a starting point of communication whether you hated the book or not. Finding that first thing in common is the first step in communication.

I think of the news and newspaper this way too. Most of it is pointless, but it gives old men something to talk about over coffee in the morning and develop relationships that will in turn become useful.

Finally, its kind of like this site too. We talk about a vast array of topics but the one thing that first started that path to communication is that we have or have an interest in the mohawk hairstyle and the personality that goes along with that. It implies a connection and even extra trust in knowing that a person may have a better idea about another topic because you can identify with them about something else.

Empathy + Knowledge = Trust.

Finding that common ground, even if its BS to your eventual career knowledge needs starts building you common bridges of communication that moves you toward empathy with your knowledge on your way to trust. Trust is important, because that's who people tend to buy from and who people tend do business with, people and brands they trust.

Side Note:
It will be interesting to see how school systems evolve in the coming years. The model "sage on stage" is getting more and more outdated. They say the one place a time traveler from 100 years ago would feel the safest is within a university lecture hall. That's good food for thought.
I loved the BS that had nothing to do with my career. Like I got to take a weaving class, a ceramics class, a sci-fi english class, etc etc. I wish I had the time and money to explore more, like a flash class or another illustration class.

Not only can education open paths of communication with other people, it can help you learn about yourself.
Cliche but true :P
you guys dont listen at all
yeah, but if we listened to you we'd be accepting your opinion instead of making our own :P
no its u guys r more focus on the title then the details why the fuck would i want you all to have my opinions love?
you illustrate my point, by seeming incapable of communicating an intelligent thought. educate yourself, yes. but use all the tools you have available to you, school being a very powerful tool to educate yourself. and maybe learn some grammar and spelling along the way :D

is it more petty to not learn from other people because you disagree with them, or to not even try to learn at all?


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