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So, we were all kids once (and some of us will always be hehe).

What was the silliest aspiration you had when you were younger?
or anything offbeat that most little kids would ever think of.. haha

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Ninja Turtle .... >.<"
i wanted to be an astronaut... and then i did the whole epic fail like in little miss sunshine because im colorblind too >.br />
but then i discovered how cool dinosaurs were and i wanted to be a paleontologist and put the bones together like a giant puzzle...

oh and then a ben n jerrys ice cream flavor tester...

and if anyone else reads anne mccaffrey's dragonriders of pern series, i wanted to be a dragonrider or a harper...
Hey I have that whole series compiled into one book! My aunt gave it to me for xmas a while back, good read. And as for my aspirations, regardless of how "hick" it might be I wanted to be a NASCAR driver. Then I wanted to be a professional lego maker after I heard of LegoLand. I also have had a really stange fascination with space, not that I lost it, but I dont see hoping to be an astronaut as silly rather than honorable.
lol cause i thought i could live in space with no oxygen or anything. i just wanted to float around lol. and that must be a huge book! i own the entire series and it takes up more than an entire shelf
i want to be a dragonrider too! we need to find someone that want to genetically engineer us some dragons!
I wanted to be a firetruck. And a crossing guard.
Then a lawyer, since I don't like to lose. But I despise lawyers. I have one for a teacher.
haha, awww =]

I was never that cool. I just played hide and seek in the corn field by our apartment in Iowa.
LOL so true. Or you have to sneeze or cough cause of any allergies.

Now a days, I'd have to worry about someone spotting my pants or hair.
haha yeah! unless you were really skilled and make it all camouflaged or something. that'd be sick.
That is a wonderful idea.
Think you can invent it? (I'm totally serious) I would be your very willing test subject!
Everytime I would watch the ice skaters on TV with my Mum I wanted to be on the ice with them - then we'd watch the gymnists and I would want to be there as well .... but mainly I want to sing in a band. It's not very silly exactly but I'm really shy about my singing ....
I wanted to be a street fighter. Like on the videogames.


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