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So, we were all kids once (and some of us will always be hehe).

What was the silliest aspiration you had when you were younger?
or anything offbeat that most little kids would ever think of.. haha

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i actually wanted to be a basketball ninja.
im not joking eather, i thought it was the perfect plan for months(well what seems it now) until my friend shattered it for me.

my idea:
play basketball all day long
and then be a ninja and stop bad guys at night.

my friends two main points, i remember them perfectly because it was the first time i actually felt shaterd, my dreams crushed(im not joking sadly)
he told me
"you cant be that"
"well becuse basketball games are at night"
"so? ill be a ninja after the games"
"well when are you going to sleep if you play all day and a ninja at night?"

at that point i almost cried.
I wanted to be a magician. I wanted to be a supreme court judge until I realized you had to be a lawyer and regular judge first (or really friendly with a president, hehe). I wanted to be a brain surgeon after watching the surgery channel, but then I found out that doctors have to do residency in the ER and I didn't want to deal with gross accident victims or see hurt little kids :( I wanted to illustrate children's books (hell I still do!). I always wanted to be an artist which is why my mom had me take graphic design courses in high school (thank you mom!!) because she said I had to find a way to make money too, lol. She didn't want me to depend on a man for money :)


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