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What jobs are likely to hire you?
What jobs have you had good/bad experiences with?
Tips for getting jobs.

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Well, i've been working in a cafe for four years now, and they don't seem to mind. Turns a few heads whenever i walk in. I think the problem is, is that some people, esp where i work around food, may think beucase you dress different, have different hair andhave different views, that customers may think your dirty. I'm not sure why, but i think its stupid how people can judge just because you dress different.

But hey, that the world nowadays.

Best thing is if you have an interveiw show that your the best person for the job with your smarts. That way they won't just judge you for your look xxx
i have had 3 jobs 2 with a full head of blue hair and 1 with the mohawk. my first job sucked ass balls it was at cold stone and my boss was a crazy bitch! she tried to fire me cuz i have blue hair!!! but my 2nd job was at jamba juice and i loved that job a lot!!! now im a lifeguard. lifeguarding isnt that much fun. my tips are to go into an interview proud of what u are. and show the interviewer that your a good worker!!! and always kiss their ass.
I was interview for Vans and I'm pretty sure they let me down kindly by not calling me back after seeming really interested.
that stinks. did you call them back?
They actually called me in for 2 interviews. The first was like a group of people and the second was a one-on-one and they havent called me back.
my first job was at a subway that was run by a woman who would jip my pay, like a lot each check. so i stopped working there and foght her to get the full pay i'd earned. i got it. and then i moved, and worked at a country club as an everything person from bussing to waiting, to janitorial, to golf cart driver, everything. they ended up firing me cuz they hired a guy who was like suuper fast, and made me look really slow. then i went to college. did my externship at AAL a water testing lab. i noticed they were commiting fraud, so i quit. i started 2 days later at a lab in sparta wherew they worked us all like slaves. and told u 1 thing in paper and told u if u didnt do it that way u'd be fired, but when u did it that way it took longer, and then they said theyd fire u for not meeting quota. it was impossible there. so they terminated me. and so i applied everywhere and within 2 weeks was hired at a staffing company working a temp osition for a top cosmetics lab. So i was so good at the job and more that the cosmetic company bought out my contract and hired me full time. when they checked my reffs it turns out AAL got shut down by the DEP here for telling someone there well water was safe to drink when it was full of arsenic. Bad move for them. So Avon R/D was working out great. then some1 leaked that i got paid what every1 elses gets paid but i went to less college, they did 4 yrs i did a 10month program. they procedded to make my job impossible. they were undioing my work every day after i'd leave, and i'd have to re-do it again in the morning. and then they had taken all my equipment. So i couldnt even do my job. The boss knew and told me he would try to make it better, but that it might get worse first before it gets better. and within a week my job was literally impossible to preform, and i had to tell my boss i couldnt do it. and he gave me 2 weeks pay and told me since i couldnt do the job that i didnt have to come in for the last 2 weeks. he said if things improved that i would be a re-hire consideration for sure.
so then 2 days after that i started at a farm and found my step dad in tn who i hadnt seen in 13 yrs. farmewr said i could go and reunite, and would still have a job when i came back. so i went and when i came back i didnt have a job. and here i am searching.

last interview was at a daycare/learning center. i wore a wig. i told them of my hairstyle, and they asked me back for a working interview. I cant wait to see if they'll hire me. i find out next week. i'll call them friday if i dont hear from them. they had more people to interview. hope i'll get a chance!
nope didnt get that job. but i keep searching. got my name with more staffing agencies for laboratory positions. and got a part time gig for the holiday temp season at a retail craft store. they dont know about my hair, i wear the wig. i have an interview for a staffing agency, i have to call them friday. they are i the middle of moving. and i am calling another agency back today. wish me luck, and good luck to all of the other mohawks out there in my shoes too.
so far with my experience, atleast in my area, i would say that having a hawk is definitely a reason for not getting hired.
i was working at a hookah lounge until recently due to being bought out. i am hoping that the new owners will hire me back on once business picks up again, i mean i am pretty qualified, and i was a fantastic server.

other than that i'm currently unemployed and searching, walking in with a hawk just gets me looks like "come on, wtf."
i have an interview coming up this week and i'm debating on 3 choices, a. hawk up, b. hawk down, c. shave it off </3. i'm going to stop by and speak with a manager about what their opinion is on mohawks on the job. that's one plus to filling out online applications, they have no idea what i look like so i can do things like that to get an idea of what they're looking for.
Might try book stores, clothing stores, night shift jobs, working in kitchens.


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