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Where do you work? What it like? Does your mohawk get along with the people you work with?

If you don't have a job, where have you applied? Or been completely rejected from?

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I actually work in a doctors office. I'm not a nurse or anything, just an assistant, and my boss is pretty chill and allows my hair as long as its a normal color. I have it up everyday at work. Plus,because i work in a childrens office, little kids love seeing it.
wow, that is so awsome. i wish there was someplace like that here!
every time I drop my kids off @ daycare with mine up the kids come and swarm me wanting to touch it :) new generation of punks on the way?
I was like that when I was little. The imprint was made in my mind when I was probably 7 or 8... now look at me!
Coffee shops are rad. :]
if you ask my customers...i work everywhere.

the only job I was out right refused an application (and my hair wasn't up or anything, just a curly fluffy mess) was for a shitty pet store (which is illegal - based upon discrimination)
however, when I showed up three days later with my hat on and my letterman they were more than happy to give me an application.

I also interview a lot, for jobs I don't intend on taking. It's good practice. No one has ever had an issue through the interview process.
thats cute, its good u have client recongnition! its nice. glad they all like it!
I'm a computer programmer that sub-contracts for the department of defense. I work from home and the only time they see me is on webcam so they really don't give me a hard time. Sometimes I do have to go on site (military bases) to work, but I haven't been questioned about my hair or ears so far.
lucky you
pretty bad ass :D
I wanna say where i work but i have a hard time even telling my friends cause I'm so embarrassed i sunk so low but like others tell me a jobs a job
I envy you


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