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Is a good gig one where you end up battered and bruised?

Are you always the last one to back down?

Do you fight harder than your guy mates?


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yea i hate the way females fight. they fight like cats.

if your gonna fight with me, better watch out, im a fucking dog. i'll punch you like theres no tomorrow

I agree with this fighting with a "normal" chick is almost like them fighting a man with me cause im not going to slap you and pull you hair im going to punch you in the face.
Yeah same, only with some martial arts thrown in.
I a big scaredy cat haha I always want to go in the pit, but I'm too shy that I'll look retarded or that I'll get hurt. I've never been in a fight, probably because all the girls at the school I went to were tiny hahaha.

I love a good pit! I just have terrible balance and always end up on my ass.

With fighting, if worse comes to worst, I'll never back down from a fight as long as I didn't start it (which I never have). Honestly, I'm a total pussy ha. I don't like fighting, and thankfully have never had to fight anyone. Except when I'm juss messin around with friends, but that's not a fight.

Well for one, I guess every girl in my town drinks bitch beer, you know that low alcohol candy tasting stuff. I'll be sitting there chugging a 40 while they slowly down their weird liquid candy or mix it with soda. In my town this stands out a lot.

Also i am weak until i get pissed. That's why i usually stay away from fights id rather kick a girls face than pull her hair like in most fights. i had a girl ask me to fight once when i had a brick in my hand.

as far as shows go, i dont usually get involved in any sort of mosh pit i am very small and i do not like large groups of people. 

I love a good a pit, and I love waking up with bruises. Shows aren't fun without a little bruising! I fall a lot though, usually the ground is slick with spilled beer and I always managed to find that one guy who's twice my size. No worries though! I always get up quick. 

As for fighting people I have actually never gotten into a physical fight (besides siblings, but everyone has a little rivalry). I'm sure its a mixture of I look intimidating as fuck and I don't go around stepping on people's toes. I'm generally a pretty nice person if you're nice to me and I let a lot of things roll off my back than most girls I see. 

However on the chance you do piss me off, I get pretty irate. I'm not one of those girls who doesn't pull hair and scratch… I'll pull hair, scratch, punch, kick, rip your ear off, try to bite a chunk of skin off, break your bones, smash a bottle across your face, or just pick up whatever is near me and hit you with it. 
If I'm gonna fight I'm gonna fight dirty, and I think thats totally fine cause I'm not fighting to follow rules or to be polite. I'm fighting cause I'm trying to save my life or I'm trying to end yours. Thats probably why I don't get in fights. :]

As for fighting with guy friends, fuck em. Most guys that "play fight" me are just trying to find an excuse to roll around on the floor with me under them. Plus I had some guy friends (especially the military ones) that always had to twist my arms behind my back and push them to the point where it feels like they are about to break. Thats not fun, its annoying and a huge pet peeve of mine, especially since I've broken my arms multiple times. I GOT WEAK WRISTS YO.


I generally consider fighting physically more a weakness for thause who can´t solve shit with theire words. 

Beside, for me phsikal fights are just another form of athority, and I´m not gone do that shit myself. I don´t wanne be a slave myself so I´m not gone make anyone one. 

Also I fight professionell, Taekwon-do. And the first lessens there are like: Train that kick for like a hundred times just to then be told that if you use this kick without savetis you mid just kill you´re contrahent, or break his_her bones. Sooo, no thanks. I´m not a pussy but I´m scared I might hurt athers ;-)

But that doesn´t mean I don´t love a good street fight ore whoud back down. No I just don´t attack to make my contrahent look loke even more of a fool. But I´ve only once fought for myselfe, atherwise I was helping friends out. Well okay, maybe two times, but the secend didn´t even last for more than 10 secends, so I woudn´t count it ;-)


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