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opinions of gals wiv hawks? i reckon theyr pretty damn cool but better when they dont shave the sides that way they can wear different styles every day.... i tink gals look awsome wiv bright dyed hair....:D:D:D

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I happen to be a big fan of girls with a variety of different styles and colors. The album of 100 girls with mohawks has been around awhile, but its definitely got lots of cool styles.
I agree that girls generally look better with longer hair on the sides than guys, but I don't do this myself because I have a roommate is kind of my mohawk caretaker. I'm not very feminine and don't do much quality control when it comes to my own style, so she reminds me we my mohawk is starting to look bad and so I kinda just let her do what she likes, and she trims my sides all the time. It's also her doing that my mohawk is now bright orange.
i think a chicks looks best with a mohawk when the sides are really short or gone
idk i like the ones that go all out with the mohawk cause it shows that theyre secure with themselves. If they dont then it seems like if the mohawk goes outa style then all they have to do is put their hair down and thats bull...its also why when people have fohawks i just wanna grab them by their hair and beat the fohawk off their head....they make me mad -.-
lol my sides are completely bald.. razor it every other day
I gotta say, I wish I could find a girl with a mohawk. None of 'em live around here and none of them are ballsy enough to do it. Hell, I'm the only guy around here (that I've seen) who'll get a real mohawk AND color it.
i must say,gals with 'hawks are hot :D
I would cut the sides short or shave them off, but I'm trying to find a job and go to college. The great thing about a fauxhawk is that you can be yourself most of the time but also you can be professional and not intimidate people who could help you make moolahh. Plus, with a full head of hair there's a bunch more styles to wear when you don't feel like a mohawk or when you are going to an interview or something.....Yeah.


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