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I cant put my mohawk up during school so atm its in a ponytail and I want a differnt hair do and wonder what everyone else does.

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i usually either wear a cap or simply just sorta flat when its not up but im fortunate that work dont seem to mind me having my hawk up tho
To vary up the annoying ponytail look, I sometimes go for more of a sumo wrap. Essentially make a top and bottom ponytail, then ponytail them together, and tuck the end of that double into the third ponytail holder, finally take the knot sticking out and wrap it back underneath the area between the first two ponytails.

Not sure if that made sense but you can play with it, once you have it down its as functional as a buzz cut and doesn't leave you stuck with a ponytail all the time.
when my hair isnt up i just comb it down
When my hairs not spiked I just comb it to the side of my head and thats that. Sometimes I get it braided and I'll wear it like that for a week. Sometimes I just wear a hat. What else can I do with it while its down? I mean really.
wearing a fidel castro style hat.
a DEATHHAWK teased. or just let it be.
I can't ever do anything like that. My hair refuses to be teased up. haha
do the hairs to one site, oder do them all with gel in front of your face,
i wear a beanie in winter and a cap in summer.. both with the fringe gelled down over my face at a bit of an angle... tickles my nose tho :( :]
floped to the side like a emo kid lol
That's the perfect way to describe lol. I hate wearing mine down for just that reason
comb it 2 the side or gel it way back but my favorite is i split it in half right down the middle nd then into alot of little squares and braid it so i hav braids going both ways


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