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Whats your Favorite Mohawk Color? Are you a Nuclear Red or an Iguana Green lol (Special Effects Colors) Or do you like to mix multiple colors together?

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I made this bullitin because people don't seem to post discussions much on here, then again it is very small compared to giants like myspace and facebook..

--Well my mohawk color of choice would be Pure Red' if I do get a mohawk that is'
My favourite mohawk colour for guys is definitely red! But personally, I love blonde or pink for me
I've always been a fan of purple/blue.

I've tried Manic Panic and Raw hair dyes, and I have to say, I think I prefer MP. To keep the colour in for longer, I throw some of the dye into my conditioner. It helps combat the stripping from the amount of product I use.

Anyone suggest any different brands of dye?
Directions and Special Effects. MP is crap in comparison unless you want the vibrancy to only last a weekend.
Splat! I found it at walgreens, it comes with a dye and a bleach kit. I threw away the bleach kit and opted for white lightning bleach. But long story short the red splat! dye held up longer than manic panic's and looked good as hell. It was one of my favorite colors I've had most of the colors of the rainbow.
I haven't dyed my hair yet, but I'm looking into doing black and Napalm Orange from Special Effects in honor of my favorite holiday - Halloween
I've only had my hair dyed black and so far that is it. My favorite mohawk color is blue and I was going to dye it that way but with me being where I am I can't. So I think I'm going to opt for red dye.

Dress codes are way gay.
I mixed napalm orange and a dark brown

and during the summer rocked it with hot pink. I liked those two pairs.

but my favorite for my self was the black and limelight green.
and on my boyfriend he had turquoise (some manic panic shade) and black on either side of it.. looked awesome too.
green or blue
Currently, I'm rocking an extremely faded splat! purple and blue 'hawk. Short in the back and fades long up front. I'm gonna get some Limelight green and either Deep Purple or Pimpin' Purple from Special Effects. I'm gonna mess around with it but for the most part I'm gonna have the back of my 'hawk purple and the front and top Limelight. I'm gonna try and put more pictures once I get it.
Blue on top, white on bottom.
I've only had mine red so far but I prefer Splat! dye. The color lasts really long. And I've used the bleach kits that it comes with and they work just fine for me. But they have Splat! in red, blue, green, purple, pink, and then a box of 3 colors...those are the ones I've seen at Walgreen's in Ohio. I don't know if they have other colors or not. I'm dyeing mine green in a couple weeks, already got the dye :D


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