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i usually use just use hairspay but my pictures are me using knox

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I use soap and a little water and then i straighten it all, then use some hairspray for a little extra hold!
iv started to use hairspray now, seems to give it a better look imo, and it lasts longer and easy to fix
What is this Knox and does it work well. I go to my hair stylist and we use like 6 different things to get it up and make it stay. I need a simpler solution
okay knox is a gelatin that hardens when it gets cooled , like regular jello. you put it in your hair like gel (its actually thinner and watery like than gel) and spike it using hair spray and a blow dryer.
Hey i want to do a mohawk using Knox but i heard there was a special way of doing it....can you HELP!?
i was told that you gotta mix it with equal parts water , heat it up in the microwave for a couple seconds , apply and blowdry . i havent tried it yet , but thats what a hairstylist told me . good luck
The best way to get ur hawk up I've found is this spray called WhiteSands Firm Hold Liquid Texture. This is what my stylist used on me when I first got my mohawk. All he did was lift a section of hair up, sprayed my hair with this spray and then blow dryed it and then moved onto the next section of hair. Then when he was done with that he put in a bit of hair spray and blew dried it a bit more and then combed the hair to touch it up. This spray is AMAZING I've had it up for 4 days now and nothing brings this hawk down. The wind wont bring it down and humidity doesnt affect it. I can take my hand and push it all the way down and the hawk bounces right back up! And it washes out very easily in the shower too:). The one thing is that u gotta make sure ur hair is completely dry when u use the spray and u gotta make sure that when u start spraying u have the spike in the right spot cuz if u fuck the spike and go crooked u gotta wash ur hair and start over:P
THAT IS THE STUFF! it got reccomended but i couldnt remember the name apparently its amazing! thanks
Start with completely dry hair:

1. Push hair all to one side

2. Use a good gel like spiker or got 2 b

3. Coat the first side front to back, dont be afraid to use a lot. (Also don't worry about getting the tips covered to much, you want to just use some hairspray on them so they are frizzy and make it looks like you have less gaps.)

4. Next coat the other side

5. Starting from the front pull up a strip that you can manage with one hand. Lace with hairspray both sides as the gel will be thick and dry at this point. The hairspray will actually make it wet so you can comb it.

6. So, with that being said, comb both sides how you want it to look and hold the strip of hair with one hand again how you want it to look. Blow dry both sides and if you held it perfectly straight the hair WILL stay exactly as you held it.

7. Do this technique until you get to the end. By this point there will probaly be gaps inbetween the strips you were working on. No big deal. Go back and hairspray the gaps, comb out and re hairdry. Once your done your hair should look perfect. And even more so because the tips of your hair only have a little bit of hairspray on them and adds to the fan effect.

The reason you use gel is to thicken the hair up. If you use just hairspray, your hair will tend to clump together and wont want to comb out nicely after you go through again to fix the gaps.

I used this technique when my hawk was probaly 8inches long. This technique will give you the thickness you will get with soap without the hassle and also the soap flakes. Should also be stronger to.

All in all, I could tell you how to fight but your not going to be that great unless you practice a lot.
I just use g2b glued and [i dont remember the company] but its freezing spray that you put on after using the hairspray.
I am a huge fan of the beeswax it's kind of a pain in the ass to put in because it is that.... wax.. but it allows for free movement of the hawk. If you have a smaller car (like myself.. ) and the roof is really close to the hawk than this is the answer for you. Like i said it allows for free movement. As long as there isn't any real pressure put onto the hawk then it will SPRING back into place lol. I have been through huge wind storms and rain storms and like i said even sat in my car where the roof is pushing on the hawk. I get out and blamo it's back up and you never even knew that i was driving around good old salt lake city staring at all the lovely mormon preachers that don't really approve of the hawk and the piercings,
I've been using Rave 4 hairspray and a blow drier, works fine for spikes. The important thing is to get the spray worked into the base, near the scalp. Better structural integrity that way. In the past I've used Dax wax (which is made for hair) to form the spikes and then finished with hairspray. This makes it easier to re-sculpt things, but getting the wax out of your hair is a royal pain in the ass. The best known method is to use D-solve-it, smells like oranges and dissolves just about anything you could want. The wax also means yellow stains on your pillow and if not done right cal look really flaky and globby. I've found that hairspray alone will do the trick, as long as you blow dry it. Gels never seem to work, they're heavy and my hair is wavy and never stays up with them.


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