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Started by Matheus Rato Oct 13, 2011.

so... how do u stand your hair up? 17 Replies

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Comment by Emily Rosemary Damen on September 24, 2010 at 6:59pm
i used to use knox gelatin, itll stay up for bout three or four days, just mix with hot water (less water is better) get a paintbrush, glob it a lil on the base of the haw and blowdry that so u can work up from that. then Starting at the back glob that shiit in ur hands and pull/slick up a portion , hold in place and blow dryer that shit. doing it in a process is will make it come out looking tits as opposesd to glopping ur whole dome in knox or woodglue n it looking like SHIT. buutt BEWARE, ur hair will fall out in clumps wen u shower! for a fan divide the hawk in half and tease each side seperate starting from the bak ( ALWAYS START FROM THE BACK >o<) then teas then together, lightly comb in the loose hairs. Get got2b hairspray or CHI rockhead hairspray (aerosol only) pull Straight up and flash spray the grasped part till it just soaked enough and blowdry it wile pulling as hard as you can on ur hawk... blahblah it takes time.. i been lazy lately ;p any one know how to make a good devilhawk?
Comment by URBAN TERRORIST on January 24, 2010 at 10:41am
i'm at a farm college nd my tutor sed boot some stuff they use on cows called clear magic, apparently ur gonna need wd40 ta get rid of it!!! will post pics wen i get sum.
Comment by Sebastian Luke Jones on January 3, 2010 at 9:09am
I find that got2b is too strong to style a fan hawk by itself. I have a method I hope can help someone.
First make sure you have no knots in your hair. Then back-comb your hair (grab a piece of hair and comb from the top down to the base of the hair) Do this all over the hair. Try not to push down to hard or it all gathers in one clump. Then spray it lightly with a cheap hairspray (I use 'Tressemme: Instant freeze). Don't let the hairspray harden yet. Lean to the floor and with your hands pull your hair in the desired direction, just enough to get the basic shape. Then spray it a bit more and get it a bit more into shape. Keep repeating until you have the shape you want. The advantage of using a cheap hairspray is that you can comb through the hair even when it's sprayed. This allows any gaps and splits to be sealed. Now you have great hair, but it isn't going to stand up for long. Once it is perfect, spray the whole thing with got2b freeze spray (not to much or it will be impossible to comb through and it will hurt when people decide to pass by you and run their fingers through your hair). Blow dry the got2b to make it 'lock' the style in place.
In my experience this method can keep it in place for up to 3 days (as long as you deprive yourself of a pillow). Every morning, you will have to rectify a bit of you hair, but just spray it with a bit of got2b and hold it in the desired place whilst blow-drying.
On the third or fourth day of having your hair up, it will still be standing up, but it will be to out of shape to fix with a bit of hairspray. Since I don't have that much money I can't afford to keep styling it every three days of so. What I do is make use of my hair that is still pointing upwards. I separate the hair into five sections with rubber bands, grab a section with my hand and turn it into a spike. Then spray it with got2b and blow dry it. I recommend making no less then four (it will look silly) and no more then seven spikes (to thin and hard to keep up). Repeat for each spike and you now have liberty spikes (they stay in place around 3 days with a bit of maintaining). It takes me two thirds of a bottle of got2b and half a bottle of Tresemme to keep my hawk/spikes in place for nearly a whole week.
Hope this helped someone!
Comment by alex clark on November 20, 2009 at 1:35pm
no i havent tryed that yet ill have ti give it a shot ill tell ya if it works thanks envy i still need to post pics lol
Comment by Graveyard Graeme Rice on November 15, 2009 at 4:28am
i've been looking for better shit but so far all i have is got 2 b freeze sprayy
Comment by Wolf on November 14, 2009 at 1:01pm
alex have u tryed the got2 glued hair glue? i usually do the base with spray and glue most of the way up,and theres alway hair putty
Comment by alex clark on November 2, 2009 at 9:28am
ok my mohawk is 18 inches ill post pics tonight i usually put it up in liberty spikes but i want a fan iv tried g2b glued freeze spay but it doesnt work for my fan =/ any sugestions
Comment by Dylan Barrett on October 28, 2009 at 2:30am
fuck, I ussually use got2b glued, but recently I've started using got2b unstopable, it's a putty (that means you realy have to work it in good, or else it'll clump horribly) that's water and sweat proof until you want to wash it out. It works out well in the humidity too! but when applying either I'll do one of two methods, depending on what I'm going for.
Fan Mohawk
1. apply glue or putty to all the hair you want to stand up(works well if you get it from the scalp up)
2. get out a blow dryer and a comb (fine tooth for sraight fan, and wide for chunky fan)
3. comb it up as you blow dry it, don't be afraid to use your hands to hold freshly combed sections up as they dry

Liberty Spikes
1. get out hairstyling bands and band your hawk into sections that will eventually be your spikes
2. work your glue or putty into the root, deeply as you can, as you are providing a foundation for your spikes, then pull the glue up to the tip of the individual locks.
3. get out the hair dryer and set it on it's highest settings (don't pussy out and put it on medium unless you have an hour or so to do your hair)
4. pull the bands out and start puling your spikes upward with one hand, and drying with the other. (it also helps to twist the tips of your spikes, so the hair interlocks and holds better) spray that shit, to put a shelac like coat of armor on it, (it helps with keeping the "can I touch it?" people, from fucking up your do)

and hot damn! that's one bitchin' mohawk you have

p.s. If you can't get hair glue, just use elmers school glue,
it works the same way.
Comment by The Haribo Ninja on October 24, 2009 at 2:59pm
garnier fructis cement/extreme hold a some hairspray
Comment by augustine st.croix on July 28, 2009 at 5:41pm
im a newly mohawked person and i heard from som friends that you can use carperters glue to spike a mohawk i just wanted to ask somone who knows what to do

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