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I thought we should all get to know each other here, maybe get more members in the group and on the network. Maybe we should even have a meet-up.

I'm Eloise/El/Ellie/Elliebee, I'm 16, and I live in in Norwich, England.

Your turn.

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good idea about the meet up, just depends how spread out we all are i guess

oh yeah introductions, im david, 18 and i live in the chav (and worse) infested cesspit of chesham, just outside of london
We all get older. See, I'm philosophical about it. Of course I gotta be, 'cause I'm older still. |-)

Hello. I'm Skip, 38 and live in Stirlingshire.
Hi. I'm Mikey, I'm 34 and I live in London.
I'm Joey, 23 and I live in London.
baccy, 14.. and i live in the end of england... : cornwall
Meh, age isn't such an issue.
Crikey, my boyfriend's 25.

To a meet-up thread!!! *superhero pose*
Hey guys, I'm 28, Cambridge. There are a few guys sporting 'hawks around here, but never seen a girl with one (unless looking in the mirror)...
I'M FROM CAMBRIDGE!! Only 3 or 4 hawks past an inch that i ever see, and I normally go chat with them, you still around/got your hawk?
Dom, 17, scotland.

Metal, booze, graff.

The meet-up is a cool idea but.. Well we are kind of spread out, 'cept for all you luckey buggers in london haha! =p
I don't envy anyone in London.
It's a fucking hellhole.

I love Norwich, cos it's, like, quiet.
To each their own. I love london for the fact its crowded, loud and almost anything is within reach.
hey paul

best stuff is got2be freeze spray and spikin glue m8. it is hard to find but u can order it from amazon, other than that i find shockwaves ultra stong , power hold spray does a decent job and is easy to get hold of.


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