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    16 members Latest Activity: Sep 2, 2011 HAHA! DON'T HAVE AN EXCUSE FOR NOT JOINING THIS GROUP DO YE' FUCKRE'! Cause it's for everyone who has a profile. =;}-

  • Members Of The MOHAWKSROCK Group, Group

    15 members Latest Activity: Jan 10, 2011 Did you join the Mohawksrock Groups Group? You did? Brilliant, this is for all the members of that group to join. That's right folks, finally a group…


    12 members Latest Activity: Oct 27, 2011 SHOW HERE YOUR DIY ART

  • Bandits, Highwaymen, Pirates & Land Pirates

    18 members Latest Activity: May 29, 2013 Honor amongst thieves (to some level anyhow), if you steal, take, pillage, loot, jack, copy or pirate tings, tis' is your place lads Not for those…

  • Kilted Punx

    11 members Latest Activity: Sep 15, 2011 A group for those who be kilted, wear kilts, make kilts or are thinkin' bout getting a kiltt, whether bought, homemade or modified

  • Religiously Oppressed Punks

    19 members Latest Activity: Oct 30, 2011 For anyone who has had Religious freaks on their back about how they look how they act what they say ect.

  • Anti-Extreme Religion

    56 members Latest Activity: Feb 19, 2014 For all of you who hate to have religions forced down your throats, and despise people telling you how you're going to hell because you're…

  • I will not take another bite!

    18 members Latest Activity: Jan 29, 2012 Vegans, vegetarians and people who are just into animal rights welcome!

  • Die Hilary Becker!!!

    13 members Latest Activity: Jan 22, 2016 A Group for everyone who hates that spamming bitch Hilary Becker.

  • Punk Rock Love

    82 members Latest Activity: Feb 24, 2017 For all the punks who love each other and stick together and dont care about all the cunts! We are all that we have. We dont need everyone…

  • music downloads

    7 members Latest Activity: May 29, 2013 post links to music downloads here. preferably punk. here's one:

  • fuck you i dont care

    32 members Latest Activity: Jan 13, 2013 for ppl who have had enough of giving a shit

  • Anti-Police

    57 members Latest Activity: Oct 12, 2014 your against the authority of a group of ''law makers'' that beat and insult us for living on a day-to-day basis!

  • Non Mohawk Punks

    37 members Latest Activity: May 29, 2012 A group for the punks on this site that don't rock a hawk

  • We wear our hawk up

    7 members Latest Activity: Dec 4, 2010 People who actually spike their hawk, boys and girls, fans and liberty spikes.

  • KnoxHawks

    16 members Latest Activity: Aug 7, 2012 This group is for people who use Knox Gelatine to spike their hair.

  • Vegetarians

    39 members Latest Activity: Jan 15, 2016 If you're all about animal rights, or just hate meat. This is the group for you!

  • Cyanide & Happiness Fanclub

    27 members Latest Activity: Sep 11, 2013 For all those that love cyanide or happiness you can find both here!

  • tired of people fighting on this site???

    16 members Latest Activity: Jan 16, 2016 this is for people who are tired of people fighting on this site :\


    378 members Latest Activity: Aug 10, 2019

    a group for people who D.I.Y. clothes and jackets and like to see how extreme you can get!

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