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go on and laugh XD

i cannot believe the night ihad last night XD first off, i decided to hang out with a younger crowd, since i knew them since they were 7 and babysat them, i was lyke, "ok wotever"

One was 12, and her sister was 9, then some 5 year old was lyke, can i play (i get along great wif little kids, but doesnt mean i lyke them :D) and i said yeah yeah.

NEXT thing i know there diggin in the dirt throwin it at each other, i get attacked (AIIIE!! RUN… Continue

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rAwr :)

this is it!! last day of school tomorrow XD! WOW! fEEls lyke yesterday i just started =3

*sigh* i got my finals back, and YEAH! i passed

wOOp, surprises me since i NEVER studied ;)

and i am still an A B student, goosh i am a nerd :D

Oh weLLs, this weekend my sister and i are going to see

Iron MAn and that Indiana Jones movie at the drive thru

i hear they are good movies, and who care wot others think anyways!?

i… Continue

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hey i added some of my drawings on here so everyone can see them. hopefully it encourages more people to post their art too. of any kind. drawings, paintings, tattoos, pictures, sculptures, etc. i love art in all forms and would love to see some other artists' work as well :-)

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what the hell are we fucken arguing.

my asshole boyfriend freaken FINALLY sends me an e-mail just to prove a fucken point in a petty argument.

Then he is all like " i know that couples have hard times but seriously .. we are supposed to be having fun" THATS SO FUCKEN UNLOGICAL AND IRRATIONALY AND FUCKEN UNREASONABLE. WTF!! He wont stop .. this is the millionth time ive heard it.. i go on saying well its how you precieve it ..that makes it a compliment and that its not a big deal for ....go im just so fucken pissed i cant even… Continue

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Euro Road Trip

Hey guys just thought id share my pics with ya's from my little road trip i took with a few friends last week!

We mainly visited places in Belgium but passed through France and also stopped of in Amsterdam, Holland. primarily we were off to a Punk and Hardcore Festival, called Groezrock in Belgium so thought we would at least visit a few places on the way!!

anyways here's a link to all my… Continue

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Apprenticeship update 002

Over a month now and definitely showing much more improvement in the eyes of the artists at the shop. I'll have to throw some of my portfolio up so you all can see. It's rather cool to me, so maybe you'll all feel the same way. Anywho! Let's talk about the shop and the multitude of hawks that have been appearing since I've been there! I've counted three people that have had a regular trim cut kinda shaggy and a little short that have been getting some work done every now and then. They've all… Continue

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Just a fun night on the twon.

Alright here we go. Once again this is a cali. Anyways i was hanging out with the nazi(inside thing), and anthony. Cause well hes the only one with wheels. So anyways, he has a el camino, so keep that in mind. So were drinking and driving around, we ended up at the mall. Well we got in the flatbed, with he cover on, and blasted music as soon as someone came by, then urned it off when they were gone, hell of a lot of confused people i tell ya. So we got bored of that and start driving some more,… Continue

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Adding Your Hometown on

Until I started up this non-admin account, I did not realize how counter-intuitive it was to set up your hometown on here.

To the right of the page, below where it says "Hello [Your Name]" you will see a link that says "My Settings". Clicking this will take you into your account tab and show you where to enter your hometown so we can more easily see where you rock your mohawk.

Let me know here, if you have any questions or concerns about I'll use this as… Continue

Added by CheyenneJack on May 6, 2008 at 9:19pm — 3 Comments

We've reached #2 on Google

Do a search for "mohawks" and there we sit at number 2 on the list! This is a substantial climb in the last week.

I've been tweaking away at it and getting help from lots of you about getting the word out. This is awesome, especially since the other sites are mostly static and not community-driven.

Thank you all for being active members of the community, and telling others about it, especially on your other sites and your blogs. I'm definitely going to have to plan some… Continue

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Kesleys Mom has Hate going on.

Okay, so my friend and his girlfriend are supposed to go to the movies today to see iron man. My girlfriend was out shopping with her mom, and i really wanted to see iron man for the second time. I asked if i could go, more like demanded that i was going, and that i would sit two rows behind them, or infront, what ever. Anyway, his girlfriend has to go home and clean her room and ask her mom. Well, her mom at first says no, so we start heading on our way to the mall to go see the movie. About… Continue

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i couldnt believe this happend

so this morning before i went to school i had to drop my nephew off at walmart to be picked up by his dad, while i waited for him one of the police officers that was there kept watching me. note, i had my hawk fully spiked and was in pajamas sence i was trying to get ready for school when we had to leave. well after my nephews father picked him up i looked around a bit but didnt buy anything. On my way out of the store i was stopped by two officers and they claimed i was steeling. so i was… Continue

Added by Flea on May 2, 2008 at 5:03pm — 4 Comments

Conformity, Power relationships, and the scene

Warning. This may make heavy reading. If you have not done so already, please engage the contents of your cranial cavity now.

Since my 'storming out' of the City (of London - where I worked as a stockmarket broker) in a bitchfit worthy of the queen herself, I've been left thinking about the impact of conformity, the desire to conform; and the urge to disobey, that appears inherant in todays western capitalist society.

I write this having had no sleep, following a night out of… Continue

Added by Jack on May 1, 2008 at 6:57pm — 3 Comments

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