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I have been up since 7:30 THIS MORNING. I NEVER get up in the morning. My body is so thrown off right now (it's currently 11:15 pm) that it doesn't know whether it's tired or it isn't. And I had to work for 9 hrs. So my feet hurt, my back hurts, and also my butt hurts because I'm pretty sure I bruised my tailbone. arrrrrgh

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13 weeks to go!!!

13 weeks to go till baby number 6 is born.

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Rest In Peace MJ, Going To Be Missed By Millions Around The World

The 21st Centery Cyborg.....ive been watching CNN for about 14

hours and still cant believe it, its like im waiting to see a mirical happen, Michael wasnt just king of pop, he was the king of all our hearts, he maybe gone but will live on forever in the lines of every song, in the slick moves of ever dance and most of all in the hearts of all his fans x… Continue

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I just got my chelseahawk today. ;D Looks pretty sweet when my hair's all up or tousled from taking a shower. When it's all combed down though, you can't really tell since my hair was already so short. Which is great for work because it will take them awhile to notice. ;D

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How are we all?

I added some pics today and maybe some time soon i will get to adding more. lol
I was part of a phot shoot just a couple of weeks ago using uv light and paint so im waiting to see what they turn out like but some will def make it up here.


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I am getting my first chelsea tomorrow. ;D I've rocked a 'hawk in the past (traditional), but had to cut it due to job searching. But now that I have established myself in the workplace as an awesome worker I am going to get a chelsea! I don't think they will have much of a problem with it since one of my friends that I work with shaves her head and leaves her bangs. As long as I leave it down for work and don't dye it funky colors I should be ok.

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Any one know of a good place to get good stencils? Stencil punks is good for bands but thats about it. Any one know of some other bad ass sites ?

Added by Shane Melton on June 24, 2009 at 7:19pm — No Comments

My Facebook Link

just thought id post my facebook link up on here so anyone feel free to add me, only site other then this one which i use like 24/7 lol, how o earth did i ever keep in contact with people before facebook, ummmm :-/ lol

oh and anyone else feel free to post your links, make alittle thread going here maybe????

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Weighing the possibilities of a new job.

I have been thinking of giving the finger to my employers and just finding a new job where I can dress and do my hair how I want, etc. I have been thinking of working from home maybe. Does anyone know a legitimate way I can achieve this goal?

Added by bbqpanties on June 24, 2009 at 12:31am — 6 Comments

The 21st Centery Cyborg.....

" Homicidal Rage, Couple'd With Suicidal Thoughts..... Your Not An Emotionally Stable Person Are You"

seems i did need alittle mental guidence (shrink being a clesha and all), so yes..... all thanks to my doctor i have been advised to attend sessions with a guidance counselor. you never know this may be a good thing, after all these years i have finally good chance of finding my mind again right??, reality check to come lol........

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shit im bored

so entertain me eh?

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Now I Know Why Some Mowies Hate People Touching There Hair!!!!!!!

okay i totally understand now why some people hate other people touching there hawk, went out yesterday out of london for alittle clubbing, only to find that not only was me and me mate the only non-caucasian people in cambridge lol, any way back to the point we had a group of girls who where around me and me mates all night and for some reason felt the need to touch my hawk like every 5 minutes, i got sooo pissed off with it i ended up just leaving the bar and opted for a quite pub........ i… Continue

Added by Kieran TheBear on June 21, 2009 at 10:21am — 1 Comment


Some old fucker called me a loser yesterday as I walked outta a 7 11 with a quart of brew...guess he didint like my ink metal an the way i dressed. Some lady did the same at the same 7 11 a while back.... at the same fuckn 7 11. I told the old ass to FUCK OFF and to FUCK HIMSELF....then pulled the auart outta the bag a took a long assed chug while he looked on

Added by Toker on June 16, 2009 at 12:30pm — 1 Comment

It's a Start, I guess...

So. First blog post. I wish I had something unbelievably epic, but. Nah xD not really. If you want the meaty stuff head to my xanga blog, the one I use regularly.

Mum pet the sides of me head today. She said, although it feels wicked, that to "Please please please" not shave it again. Not that she has a problem with it, she's just sick of hearing my dad bitch about it. Apparantly it's "immature", and I'm being "stupid". Although I have clearly stated that the only reason he thinks… Continue

Added by SyKe on June 15, 2009 at 4:11am — 8 Comments

Stellar Squad!!

Hey... are you a Crunk-Core fan??
i know you are!!
we all are!
so, add us!
check out our music! are more likely to catch us logged on myspace, feel free to send us messages on here, and we will definitely write you back!!
tell us what you think!

Added by Stellar Squad on June 14, 2009 at 5:42pm — No Comments

Long Spikes to Tall Mohawk

i have long hair and do 40cm tall spikes, i wanna get a long mohawk for summer, but at the same time not to get fired from work. Any1 can suggest how to shave hair on sides to short, but so that during work hours the long hair could ve been slipped back and it looked like normal long hair?

Added by ELFfromToronto on June 14, 2009 at 4:50am — 6 Comments

i want to marry this person

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2 Things

1.) What is with people taking your picture with out asking? Family trip to the Zoo & Twice caught some teenagers just out of my peripheral snapping pics with their cell phones. I was standing no where near an exhibit so it was definitely them taking a pic of me & The Hawk.

2.) I'm going to get a tshirt with a explanation of what a Faux Hawk vs. Mohawk is. I'm getting so damn tired of Know It Alls coming up to tell me what my hair is and isn't.

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Sick of the whole "punk" thing

So I've been really irritated with the whole concept of "punk" lately. I've ranted about this before so I'll try and not go over the same things. But I have to say, one of the reasons I cut of my mohawk was to disassociate myself with these irritating people. I've always thought punk was about kickass music and a lifestyle that doesnt follow the conventions of regular society. I never thought punk was about being as destructive as possible, drinking on the streets, shitting in abandoned… Continue

Added by ElCuelloRojo on June 3, 2009 at 7:16pm — 7 Comments

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