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I'm sooo tierd of all the hate in this world! There is to much unnecessary hate out there. Yeah, all hete is unnecessary but there is so much, you know´, stupid things thats shoulden't be hated. Take racism for an exemple: Yeah! We hate black people couse...they are black!!! Yes, thats a very good argument isn't?
Or for those who hate homosexuals when thiers only crime is to love each other.And don't come and tell me that God hates them couse in thet case he is not much of a God!
And when you hang around on your favorite internet community and you find someone that you thinks looks bad you just got to send alot of message to this person telling them how ugly he/she is couse thats so importent to tell...why?
I would like to say that if you gonna waste you time and energy on hate, then lay it on those who deserve, it like child molester, rapest and murderer.

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Comment by nathan palmer on June 19, 2008 at 2:44pm
very gud point
Comment by Mohawk Joe on June 20, 2008 at 8:07am
From what I have seen, hate comes from racism, bad theories and ideas, religious zealots, and others that use God or some type of supreme being as a justification of their ways. Look at terrorism. This is what I see happening in the world today.


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