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"How to" Dreadhawk ... Rasta-Punks FTW!!!

Hey everyone...this is my FIRST blog ever, basically. So bare with me.

This past summer I had dreaded my mohawk because I thought it was going to be SIIIICK looking and super easy to take care of. The SIIIIICK look was great, but it was definitely not easy for me. My hair is thin and pin straight...but don't be discouraged if you have hair like me!!! it IS possible, but it requires much more attention and time.

My hair was like 7 or 8 inches when I will lose an inch or so when you dread. And it's much easier (but more time consuming) with longer hair.

But with time and proper technique, you will be getting high fives from everyone in the mall and where ever else you may go!

Now, the way I did it required another person for the first get a buddy or boy/girl friend that has nothing to do for a few hours.

Oh BTW you need: Rasta set the mood XD

A METAL the plastic ones, but metal (lol). I used plastic...but I went through about three of them with the plastic teeth EVERYWHERE. like stuck in my dreads and lying all over the bedroom and bathroom metal is just easier for you.

NEXT you're going to need some of those tiny rubber bands. Some people may say they "ruin" or "break" hair or whatever....but that didn't happen to me. I only kept them in for a day or so til the initial dreads were combed in. I'd imagine keeping them in for a week will destroy your need these bands for separating each section of hair to be dreaded. this is what the friend is for. :'D cuz it's difficult to do the back of your head yourself...

ANOTHER thing you might need is some dread wax or something of that nature. I used redken nylon clay or something like that...I actually don't suggest you use anything in your hair. It gives it a less natural and more dirty look.

Oh and for soap! ( Because you DO wash your dreads ) I read not to use anything that smoothes (or untangles) the hair. I personally found no difference with the smoothing soaps, but if you actually care THAT much...then buy some dread soap online. But anything to untangle could have adverse effects on your hair. After all dreads are KNOTS. so untangling defeats the purpose.

OK so you bought all this stuff and you're all hyped up to get started!!!

You want your friend to separate the sections of your hair. Make the amount of hair in each pretty even, but don't put it all in one row. Put them in randomly....and make it look good. Take your time. There is no rush.

Alright. Your sections are pretty sweet...and everything looks even. Time to START!

If you're using wax or can put it in now...or after the first few backcombs...what ever you prefer.

To BACKCOMB: All you have to do is hold about a half an inch above where the hair ends, depending on the length of the hair (but not too tightly) and then take your comb (preferably metal) and comb backwards [ end to scalp ]. Then after that first backwards comb, twist...and repeat. Repeat, repeat, repeat, repeat.....That's basically ALL you do. It will take a LONG time no matter what hair you have. But it will take MUCH longer for hair like me...straight and thin.

So you will feel it getting tighter and you won't be able to push the comb towards your scalp as much as before. That's REALLY GOOD. Keep combing backwards...and make it as tight as possible...using wax (if you chose to) whenever you feel necessary.

Hey, great job! 20 minutes and 2 dreads halfway done! XD

Ok you do this to ALL the dreads you have. Congrats!! This is the first giant step for you and you're cool hair!

But you are faaaar from done. You MUST keep backcombing every morning when you wake up, when you have nothing better to do, and when you go to bed. If you skip a day or's ok. It'll just look pretty shitty tomorrow.

The dreads will probably start looking really badly a few weeks into it. That's natural. I don't know why...but it is ok. Hairs will start going all over the place and stuff...and it'll look messy. BUT you can easily just backcomb them back into the dread.

Whenever you get done backcombing, they'll look amazing! And towards the night or in the morning it'll look crappy. It's REALLY annoying after a few weeks...but if you aren't intimidated then you're all set!

SHOWER TIME! You'll want to wait a day or three before you wash your hair. But when you do, be gentle. don't scrub super hard or anything....just kinda pat it on and stuff...To dry: I would squeeze the dread with a towel and then blow dry (sometimes) on COOL setting. Any hotter could create mold and stuff (or so I heard)

So that's basically everything I know. This is MY tutorial and what I DID. If you see anything missing or potential health issues, then comment. But I don't want to hear how I did it wrong or something. If you look at my pics...mine worked. So STFU! lol

it'll take a few months to a year to get them perfect. And by then you'll have developed your own techniques and such and you won't need me D:

if you want to suggest something or want me to put it in... TELL ME! :D:D:D

Pce out and HAPPY DREADING!!!!!

PS: dreads are FAR FROM DIRTY. They NEED to be super clean to lock together! DON'T USE CONDITIONER! it'll make 'em come out. (that's how i took mine out lol)

So if someone says your dirty...tell 'em to piss off!! or give them a big peaceful, dreadfull hug!!!!

Any questions you have are WELCOME!

UPDATE: I want to go back to dreads. Maybe around Christmas...but your dreads won't want to stay to the side of your head like a down they'll sort of flop towards the middle at first because they'll be heavy.

so don't gets better with time. =D

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Comment by Segadoway on October 6, 2008 at 4:36am
Comment by Brandon A on October 10, 2008 at 5:03pm

Comment by pissy prissy on October 10, 2008 at 10:11pm
theres a different way to dread hair without losing the length of your hair.... i dreaded the bottom layer of my hair and its still the same length. all you do is with your thumb and index and middle finger, you rub the section you want up and down till it knots then you roll. you need tons of beeswax for this though. but yeah i dont feel like explaining the whole thing but yea. google it if you wana keep your length, cuz its passible! :)
Comment by Giant Mohawk Man on October 22, 2008 at 11:59pm
Wow! What a great first blog, and tutorial on dreading. You did an excellent job. Maybe too good, dreading sounds like a lot of work, but maybe well worth it as people can see from your dreads picture here.

Comment by Nikki on November 18, 2008 at 11:54pm
i've thought about doing this alot. my mom would kill me, but i think it looks so badass.
Comment by Brandon A on November 19, 2008 at 9:10am
My father wasn't really overjoyed about it...but my mom likes my cultural diversity lol

And in that pic above It was kinda windy, which would explain why they're in my face...

But it's totally worth it. and i've been thinking a lot about going back to dreads...

pce out and thanks for the nice comments!!
Comment by guy petersen on December 15, 2008 at 12:24am
hey man i was looking up info on dreadhawks and i have some qwestions to ask you.
i have had dreads for about 7 months and i always wanted a dread hawk but wasnt sure of it at the time,
but now im positive i want one.
ok my dreads are not exactly even with the middle of my head, they are lined up like a shity brick wall. how do i go about getting them in straght lines for the dread hawk?
please get back to me as soon
thanks man
Comment by Brandon A on December 15, 2008 at 8:38am
Hmm. I don't think you want them in perfectly straight lines. It usually looks better when they're not as even.

BUT if it is seriously like all over the place, try keeping the 'hawk wider instead. I don't think you can really straighten them out when you're seven months in.

You could also get the hawk cut by someone who knows how to or can do a good straight line. That would help greatly ;D

I wish I could help more though. But don't be worried about not having it totally even. Maybe you'll start a new fad of a decently wide dread hawk or something :] lol

oh and maybe a picture of your current head can help explain how it is. And then me and/or someone else reading this can help you better.

Comment by Eric on February 20, 2009 at 5:52pm
..awesome idea mate :D I have back part of my hair with dreads and was lately thinking about shaving them off cause they are too much needing (more than I expected actually)..but a dreadhawk just sounds awesome :) think I might give it a try if I go on with the plan.
Rastaaaa music ;) peace
Comment by Billy on March 11, 2009 at 10:36pm
dreads are amazing. never saw anyone make dreadhawks


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