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i looked out the window and saw a small, bright orange light in the sky out to sea.

i was confused at it, and 3 of us went outside to get a better look.

it was moving, kinda slow heading out to sea. after about a minute it got smaller and disappeared. we figured it just got so far away that it was out of our sight range.

about 3minutes passed, and i turned around. But as i headed inside another light flew over Polzeath.

it was large, glowing bright orange and was a rounded rectangle shape.

it did the same as the first one. headed out to sea at a steady speed, and faded until it disappeared.

and another one about 3minutes after this one.

the same visual aspects and everything.

another thing is that it was completely silent. al three of them made no sense at all.

so it wasn't a plane or a helicopter. it was literally a UFO..just perhaps not with aliens inside..
they followed the exact path that the first one took in the sky.

i went inside to get my camera. just for the hell of it because i would then have proof of this story.
but no more came after that

my mum thinks its Gas or fire, but i don't think it is.. it would make some form of noise is it was fire, and it'd flicker, unlike these things. and gas wouldn't follow a straight path is the sky.
how could it?

we're keeping the curtains open all night in case any more 'lights' appear

you can tell me you don't believe this and say its all bullshit
but i know what i saw, and to be honest its freaked me out.

and there are at lest 6 witnesses of it.
and by the way, this all happened at 10(ish) pm.. so it was against the night sky

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Comment by Khaos on April 17, 2009 at 12:10am

that's just creepy as fuck


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