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At 5:43pm on November 21, 2011, Mouse said…

hey bud, I just use Treseme freeze hold hairspray, hair straigteners and a comb, just a case of spray, straigten, comb out until you can finally spray and use the palm of you're hands to fan it out

At 11:08am on September 12, 2011, Kaast. said…
Well me and a couple of other Danes were at Force Attack this years and we're planning on going back next year with a lot of other friends!
At 12:59pm on September 8, 2011, Steve said…
Ever find a product to get your 'hawk up?
At 9:21pm on August 5, 2011, Skinnoshpriciardeischis said…
thanks 4 the add bro!
cheers from Panama
At 10:47pm on August 2, 2011, Judson Scott Lewis said…

It takes about an hour and a half to do one side... about three hours total (for the bi-hawk, anyway). Any other effects, like the leopard print on the sides, is another matter entirely. That usually takes about a day of prep. It might go faster if I had help, but I do it all myself.




At 9:54pm on July 31, 2011, Steve said…
To put it up:
1] Using a comb to hold hair up, spray Rave (theres a spray called Rave, just to make sure something doesn't get lost in translation here) on one side (lets say the right).
2] Move onto next section with comb, spray on same side as in [1] (the right)
make sure to put the sections where the hair wants to be, not where you want it to be. By this point there should be a gap about 3 inches wide between sections [1] and [2]
3] Since you sprayed the Rave on the same side in the first 2 steps, graze your hair with the comb and the non sprayed side (don't stab it through, that'll just make lots of little gaps) into the gap from both sides, and spray (on the left, this time).
Repeat down head.
4] When you get your hair how you like it, (still use a comb to hold your hair in place so the dryer doesnt blow it around) go over it with got2b freeze spray.
The reason this works is because Rave is more watered-down then got2b, so when you spray it, it's only good enough to coat one side, leaving the other soft enough for a comb. It also adds thickness (why, I can't explain) so the hair at the top of your hawk isn't transparent.
I'm not sure if you have either brand in europe, Rave or Got2b, but Rave is a mildly weak spray, and Got2b is a god-tier strong one. I've heard of people using spray-on clothing starch to spike their hair, have you ever tried that?

Its also important to keep it trimmed every few months (the dead ends will cause your hair to look messy and thin) and colored (the lighter your hair is, the more light goes thru, causing it to look thin). Also, use a leave in conditioner after you wash your hawk out, and put vegitable oil in your hair once every other month.
At 10:31pm on July 29, 2011, Judson Scott Lewis said…
Hey dude! Thanks for the add. I use ordinary hair spray (pump, not aerosol) - the really stiff kind. The trick to me is to use a light coat on really dry hair and use a hair dryer like mad. If my hair gets too heavy with product then it topples.
At 10:25am on January 30, 2011, bendy said…



At 11:07pm on January 30, 2009, Khaos said…
Happy birthday!
At 2:20am on January 30, 2009, Giant Mohawk Man said…
Happy Birthday My Man. Hope you have some great plans. Always great for the birthday to fall on a weekend.
At 8:25pm on October 13, 2008, Friday Savage said…
fuck yeah paris punx are awesome
At 6:15pm on February 23, 2008, Christopher Fitch said…
"desole' de vu derange'.. my spelling sux.. but phonetically in french you get it. rock out. those dudes Time Bomb are fucking sic. up paris punx.
At 11:37pm on January 13, 2008, Rbiker666 said…
hey ! welcome to our little neck of the woods
At 3:07pm on January 13, 2008, rocknthehawk said…
It's been just over 5 years. All i use is Freeze it 24hr
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