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At 9:47pm on December 25, 2011, Patches said…

Merry Christmas

At 3:48pm on November 24, 2011, Patches said…
Happy Thanksgiving
At 2:07pm on November 7, 2011, Patches said…
How's it going shorty? ;) haven't been on in a while whats new?
At 5:43pm on June 13, 2011, C.J !?? said…
I see you like the Distillers- i've set up a distillers fan club on here so you can join if you like Thanks
At 8:09pm on May 30, 2011, l(A) REI (E)l ADX said…
hello! wutchaaa doin!
At 7:18pm on May 25, 2011, Gigs McGee said…
lol good luck. i just hear alot of bad things about manic panic. lol. but yea i decided im gonna keep the sides short and grow out the hawk part. i put it up on saturday and its getting super huge. i think it may be about time for me to stop putting it up unless i do a liberty spike mohawk which i may rock for a while. lol an alcoholic and druggy xD jeez girl how much do you drink and so drugs?  
At 9:38pm on May 17, 2011, Gigs McGee said…

damn an hour away? that sounds terrible. lol, hope you guys party hard. oh i know i just want school to be out like now!!!!!! but im debating what to do with my hair. cuz i love my hawk, but my hair is thin and its getting long so im not sure if i should keep cutting it to keep the hawk or just let the hawk part grow out long and keep the sides short. ugh decisions. what hair dye brand are you going to use?

At 12:52am on May 17, 2011, l(A) REI (E)l ADX said…
elo elo hope u doin good!
At 5:15pm on May 13, 2011, Gigs McGee said…
thanks. oh yea i heard how ben weasel like sicked the manager and some other girl. what a douche. damn that sounds like alot of fun. i think i might go see eskera tomorrow. im not sure though. what else have you been up to?
At 10:06pm on May 8, 2011, Gigs McGee said…
well im excited that school is almost out too. cant wait! been to a couple of really good shows. you know getting tore up in the pit and all the regular stuff ha. and just arguing with my mom, going through hell and back with my relationship (unfortunately =\). and just smoking pottery. lol. what shows have you been to?
At 1:21am on May 7, 2011, Gigs McGee said…
sup chick! been practically internetless for months now! how you been? whats new?
At 12:00am on May 6, 2011, Kjirkoh said…
Greetings from Puerto Rico!!!
At 10:24pm on May 1, 2011, l(A) REI (E)l ADX said…
beein doin good wantin to burn sum weed XD
At 3:04pm on April 30, 2011, l(A) REI (E)l ADX said…
Hello hows it goin
At 8:44am on April 5, 2011, Akasha Caz said…
sick hawk darlin! =)
At 10:41pm on March 21, 2011, ┌x┐ • •┌x┐Pots Pots Pots said…

You are hereby formerly invited to bee in my group. Cheers!


At 4:15pm on March 13, 2011, 0deefreek said…
i know screamo i usually deemed as pussy shit bcuz most emos are pussy but im not really emo and im not pussy at all n im into some screamo..You shouldnt do to others what you dont want done to yourself forreal
At 5:56am on March 13, 2011, Kaast. said…
Yaa, I understand that. It's rather fun and interesting to be around a total other nationality,  especially when you know they don't understand a single word from your own language :D hahahaha
At 8:07pm on March 12, 2011, Kaast. said…
Yeahh that's what I thought. But we could meet up in UK as well :P
At 2:53pm on March 12, 2011, Kaast. said…

Garh, I feel your pain, haha.

It's pretty awesome that you're learning other languages, unlike a lot of other Americans. We're learning English from 4th grade and can choose between French and German in 7th grade, and then you can choose Spanish/Latin-ish in the Gymnasium here, so there's a lot to choose from.

But moving to Europe sounds like a cool idea! You should really learn German then, and then move to Berlin. Not only because you'd be close enough to me so we could meet up now and then in vacations, but also because it is such a wonderful and lovable city :D

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