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At 5:10pm on December 25, 2011, Patches said…

Merry Christmas

At 2:54pm on November 24, 2011, Patches said…
Happy American Thanksgiving
At 3:13pm on November 7, 2011, Patches said…
Hey, I Haven't Heard Form You In A While Mainly Due To My Disappearance But Aside From That How Have You Been?
At 6:35pm on July 10, 2011, Walker Skank said…
I miss you so much :( Please come home!
At 6:57pm on December 15, 2010, ┌x┐ • •┌x┐Pots Pots Pots said…

Heya what's up!

At 12:39am on November 11, 2010, gecko said…
My boyfriend stole it from some female before we met but you can go on oddly enough x]
At 4:55pm on October 6, 2010, Ryan RøøS†er Th∑ ßl∞d¥ said…
thanks for the coments
At 5:40pm on October 4, 2010, James said…
that girl in particular just pisses me off she seems like a sheltered little cheeseball but then again i could just be jumping to conclusions :p
At 3:16pm on October 4, 2010, James said…
Haha ive noticed a lot of stupid "what should i wear" questions on here they make me cringe
At 11:05am on October 1, 2010, DJ TRoLL said…
What's up? I love your hair! I'm DJ TRoLL, rock journalist filmmaker. I bet you listen to music by some of the people I've interviewed! Let's be friends!
At 11:38pm on September 17, 2010, Sarai Marie said…
the colours in your mohawk are so intense!!!! i love it!
At 8:33pm on September 2, 2010, Max said…
Yeah i think tim is pretty talented. Rancid, Op ivy were my old favorites. I think ill listen to his solo album cuz i've never actually listened to it lol
At 2:09pm on September 1, 2010, Judson Scott Lewis said…
Right on - thanks for the add! So you donated your hair for the cause? Oi - you're a better person than I. I've donated my hair to the trash can when I wanted a total hair reboot (or had to get a job) but that's about it. Ergo, kudos! But then, what do they do with the hair... soak up the oil with it? My hair is so oily it would probably make the spill even worse. The mind boggles. (PS - take my advice: don't listen to me). Later!
At 10:29pm on August 29, 2010, Max said…
If you bring the speakers man, i'll bring the sound. And the music will be heard, from miles and miles around.

Did you make this up? Pretty sick. I think ima get it tattooed onto me.
At 10:35pm on July 14, 2010, sandman said…
hey there, things are awesome just got back form a 2 week stint in L.A, came home to a GST payment and i dont work till Saturday, was a pleasant surprise haha.

dont worry about the late reply, i do it myself all the time haha.
and i did go, it was insane, i was in the march and then at the protest right outside queens park for like 4 or 5 hours until everyone was basically physically forced out. the second day wasn't as big, so many people were arrested so little protests, i walked around for almost 3 hours trying to find some people and couldn't.
At 2:00am on June 10, 2010, sandman said…
hey was wondering if you guys plan on going to the G20 protest?
also how goes it?
At 11:22pm on June 9, 2010, ┌x┐ • •┌x┐Pots Pots Pots said…
HA space camp!
At 12:15am on June 9, 2010, ZachAttack said…
Hmm.Wow, never seen a chick pull off a 'hawk quite like you lol jkkk hah
At 12:06am on April 2, 2010, Bergan McManus said…
Everything those guys touch turns to sweet audible-gold. I may live and breathe punk, but I bleed rancid. If you haven't heard Devil's Brigade yet you should check em out. Tim on guitar, Brett on drums, and Matt on vocals and stand up rockabilly bass. Psychos All Around Me is my fav.

This town it's fucking insane! How one will starve and another will gain.
Like a giant mechanical brain, and the people are cells and the streets are veins.
At 5:07pm on March 31, 2010, ┌x┐ • •┌x┐Pots Pots Pots said…
Aww yaho sooo Drunk. cant a ffored shit . Exepgt libvrary Circkle Jerks. SO lon gto type that.

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