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What kind of attention does your mohawk attract?

First off, I'd like to say that Im going to be hacking myself a mohawk this summer. I plan on doing the duct tape method. I'd do it sooner but I plan on getting a job in a month or so. I figure if they already have me hired and THEN I get a hawk, they wont get rid of me.

But I was wondering what kind of attention your cut gets. Im sure you get plenty of it , but what kind. Good, Bad, Enthusiastic, tell me your experience.

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I got my septum just like this, that s fuckn awesome. Then trim my sides to 0. Let the hawk grow.I love my body better than ever. Considering to spilt my fuckn tongue. Fuck company

Hey, I'm a fucking middle aged woman and don't give any scowls at all. But then again, most people see the large amount of tattoo's I have before they see the hawk, so it's a nice balance between "What the fuck are you staring at" and "Piss Off". LMFAO! And just an FYI..... All woman WERE NOT created equal!

I get generally good remarks on my mohawk. Don't know what kind of position you are seeking, but a lot depends on the company. I interviewed for my current position (I'm in product engineering management for a Fortune 500 company) shortly after I decided to have a mohawk. In my field, credentials and experience count for quite a bit. One good thing about getting older is that I have a decent resume in my field.

If you are just entering the market, and don't have a strong resume, I might hold off a bit. Establish yourself as a valuable team member, and then do the 'hawk.... Also, if it's an office job, don't wear ratty clothes. I don't wear a coat and tie at work, but I do dress 'business casual'.

I don't know about the 'duct tape method' (sounds painful).... Have a professional do it if you can. Once you've got the mohawk, it's fairly easy to maintain. Lots of good advice on this site about that.

Good luck....

Hehe, its no fortune 500 company. Its a part-time at a grocery store. And the Duct tape method is where you put a strip of duct tape on your forehead a bring it to the back of your neck. This way, you can cut an even/straight line without any help.
i mostly get alot of positive attention about my hair, and even when it is negative i just think its funny because people arnt gonna tell a kid with a mohawk they hate their hair because of the "punk-ass" steryotype. Like said by all the other replies before me, expect alot of qwestions, "How to put that up", and "How long does that take" are my most frequently asked qwestions. i usally just answer shortly and politly...due to my appearance most people dont try to just touch it, but when they do i normally either ignore it, or reply "having fun?" jsut try not to get impatient with people, like Jacke said, middle age, upper class people are gonna be the ones to have a problem with you, so either just try to ignor them, laugh at thier ignorance....i perfer the latter
hm, well i get a lot of atention. livin in norway n having a mohawk seem to be the wierdest thing for everyone around here xP but i love gettin the atention thought!! the atention i get is from realy bad to great, the bimbos think im a freak (but i hate those bimbos anyways), n some think it is awsome :P kinda reacted on that u can like get fired for having a cool hair style.. :/ well i have no idea what u should do, aint a problem for me cus it is illegal here to fire someone cus of hair or style, they can say i shouldnt wear my punk up, but atleast i get to keep it
People got used to it . I Remeber my first day at school with my mohawk , everybody was watching me. And sometimes at school people touched my mohawk , but that's it :d
The best reaction I ever received was on July 4th, Independence day, here in the states. I had it up with red, white and blue. Walking down a street a business man pulled over his mercedes in the middle of traffic, leaned out and started scolding me, asking if I had a job or contributed to society. Politely I responded, that indeed I had quite a good job over there pointing to one of Atlanta's large towers.

Infuriated he stated that no self respecting company should ever hire someone like me, and how could the possibly hire someone with hair like mine. I simply leaned down and stated "Turns out I'm really good at what I do".

His face got bright red, then his three other gentlemen in the car, probably mid-50's, started laughing at him and making jokes about how he didn't expect someone with hair like mine to actually be intelligent, and not be intimidated by his type A aggressive behavior. He actually started spitting in his next statement and said "Well, you better damn well be good at what you do, you better be a physicist that can split atoms or something."

I simply leaned down again and retorted. "How do you think I get my hair to stand up like this?" The car erupted in laughter, as he quickly hit the gas, and sped off, down the road, actually letting traffic finally keep going.

It was the greatest, funniest, most amazing encounter. And even though most folks are completely nice and just curious by nature, the chance to completely flip the script with eloquence and intellect upon some tight body suit used to intimidating people to showcase his power (aka insecurity), was worth any amount of time I've ever spent erecting and coloring the mohawk.
dude....for real........that story made my life hahaha

I would have loved to see that.

classic. purely classic
hahaha that seriously punked his ass. Kudos & respect to you!
dude u should of pulled out ya dick an said fuck this you asshole
That would have only confirmed his belief that punks are uneducated fools though. (not to say you are uneducated, I'm just sayin'.)


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