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I've had the most success using Schwarzkopf Got2BeGlued Hairspray and a blowdryer.

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try spiker or got to b glued is good too
personally, I love the Got2BeGlued hairspray and spiking glue but if I'm short on cash, I'll grab some Elmer's glue. :)
i found got2be glue at last in the uk! i havent tryed it yet! wish me luck!
YES! got2b is the bomb!
always works....
i finally finished editing my Mohawk video. =-)
it should be on the site soon.
works like a dream! but for £3 sumthing it shud lol!
i can't get got2be glued here so i use shock waves ultra strong hair spray it works pretty well
haha good ol cheap shit from Dollar Tree too lazy to spike it nowadays tho lol
I never seem to have any luck with the hair glue, so normally, I just use regular Elmer's glue. xD
Donnacha, if you cant find it ireland, can you order it online? I'm just curious because that is one reason I put the amazon store on the site with the got2bglued hairspray on it. Maybe it doesn't work to buy from amazon internationally, not sure, but would be interested to know.

For those of you in the US, you can buy the hairspray off of here for convenience, but I've seen it cheaper at walmart, like $4.99 sometimes $4.50 on sale. I've also found it at Publix and Walgreens, but for around $6.50. I suppose its priced differently everywhere.
here in denver you can find got-2 be glued at wal-mart for around 5.00
i just bought some got 2 be glued hairspray and used it to put my brothers hair(not a mohawk) up into spikes, its pretty awesome and doesnt even smell bad! i like the way the can looks too.
Did you get one of the new cans with the silver on top? or is it still all yellow. I meant to take a picture of my can style and put it on here, but of course forgot to do that.


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