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How do you guys wear your mohawks , spikes or fanned >? I have always put mine up in spikes and want to wear the fanned look for a while but i can never get it to fan out good and stay. So if you would i would like to hear some feedback on this... maybe some tips or techniques?

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OK i jst started having the mohawk for about
a week now and i thought of a couple of way
of doing spikes mohawks and and i just made my
own stlye last night of...7--21--08 and i'm loving it and
i went to the store ppl was like i like your dew.

any one else know any more styles with it?
ok 1st get ur hair like rly rly hot with a hair dryer and
comb it and put the instant freeze in it and it should work
Mostly, I just spike mine. Can't ever get the whole fan thing going. It's usually half & half.
I been having my Mohawk fanned ever since i got my Mohawk, but since now it takes way longer to fan it i do it in spikes.
Some products i would recommend you using would be HairSpray,Got2b glue and a blowdryer.

By the way how long is your mohawk?
mine is 6 inches


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