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...I've only been to punk shows no metal ones yet but im eager to hear what others have to say! Plus, i wanna know who's worth seeing live.

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Well, the best one I've been to thus far was a tattoo shop here last 4th july watching WhiskyShitVomit. It was my first time hearing them and they blew everyone else out the water like a bomb.
I've had tons of great shows so its hard to say the best. Slayer has rediculous pits especially in san diego with all the skinheads. Pretty much any thrash band have the most dedicated fans and crazy ass circle pits like Exodus, Anthrax, Annihilator, Megadeth and the like. If you want more of a push pit and chaos like punk pits go to see Arch Enemy or The Haunted or Lamb of God and people like that.
Black Sabbath With Dio And Down and Megadeth @ The Air Canada Center
Also Tool @ The Humming Bird Center
Yngwie Malmsteen @ The Opera House
[Not Popular, But Good None The Less] Sin Dealer @ The FunHaus [They also baught 100 shots of JD for everyone that came out]
hey i went to that Mayhem Fest! Got loaded outta my mind and moshed to Walls of Jericho ughhhh great band!
hm..hard to say. I saw Disturbed last summer and that was sooo awesome! great guys and amazing live! I've also seen sonic syndicate, judas priest and some others. You really should go to more metal konserts its the best fucking thing!
ive been to two metal shows
one - my mate dragged me to it and it was awful....
the other
bullet for my valentine, lacuna coil, black tide and bleeding through
not keen on any of them (-bfmv)
but i have to say
was awesome
just wish i got in them pits! grr
thats my favorite thing about shows-pits! BIG ones too!
i love to mosh
i scared myself!
i hate pits
but i had a maaaaaaaaaassive urge to go in..
I wanted to mosh at my first metal show (Testament) and i didn't really have a choice in the matter lol. The first pit started around me I HAD to mosh and i had a great time. I was in most of the pits there we even got a small Wall of Death going in such a small place
i'd have to say my favorite was a local band show. it was a really good pit (actually it was inside a small adn cramped thing as big as a cafe) but i was sick. haha. but i had to leave early former-boyfriend got a concusion. stupid ass.
well my best would have to be the only one i've been to. Metallica. It's too bad that theyre so overrated now...
but this month im seeing Queensryche AND Testament
Metallica are great live. Iv'e seen them a few times now and would love to see them again. Slayer and Lamb of God have the best pits around and the energy they produce is awsome. It's mostly metal gigs have been going to since 1992, Metallica being my first. Disturbed are amazing live. Loved Judas Priest with Megadeth and Testament. I could go on and on here.


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