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I suppose punkrock is a obvious answer, but in addition to that?
Or mayby any special band?

My favourite genres is death metal, grindcore/goregrind and what we in sweden call "käng" (d-beat/hardcorepunk).

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I know what you mean. Punk is like noisy and nice, it makes you wanna go on in life.. But metal, it just like make you wanna jump from a cliff, or at least cut your eares of..


I like what we in sweden call "trallpunk", its like, good ol punkrock.. You know, play some chords, add bass and drums, and sing of what you want to :P

My favourite two bands are Avenged Sevenfold & Red Hot Chili Peppers, I tend to say that I stand a better chance of enjoying music if it's filled with energy, doesn't have to be blasted out but I enjoy Pantera & Rob Zombie when I'm feeling it or Bowling for soup and Green Day when i'm feeling that. Only rule is that I don't close off entire genres as being crap because then I'd only be limiting myself.


 Been on a bit of a trip with the Goth genre.


 I have a bunch of old punk/hardcore, 90's grunge tunes, some metal tunes, electronic music..

any genre of metal- Lamb of God. Five Finger Death Punch. stuff like that
deathrock,screamo,deathcore,deathmetal,punkrcok,pop,techno,old school reggaeton,       some bands.................. christian death,despised icon,i set my friends on fire,sex pistols,lady gaga,daddy yankee and for techno what ever comes on oon the techno radio station lol
screamo more than anything though
All sorts really.
Metal, Bluesrock, Swing, Ska, Psychobilly, Rocknroll, Alternative, Garage, Rockabilly, Post punk, Hip hop, etc, etc.
I have more punk bands than other stuff but yeah I like pretty much everything apart from that horse shit modern pop stuff.
That shits got no soul.
I grew up on my sister's classical concerts so I enjoy classic, jazz and rock :)
tekno, breakcore, (digital) hardcore, speedcore, tribecore, gypsy, folk, psychobilly, filthstep,....
I actually like rap tha most... like lil wayne, tha joker, etc... but yea lol im startin to get into some rock, its growin on me surprisingly tht wasnt my first musical genre of choice haha


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