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I suppose punkrock is a obvious answer, but in addition to that?
Or mayby any special band?

My favourite genres is death metal, grindcore/goregrind and what we in sweden call "käng" (d-beat/hardcorepunk).

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we are a florida pop/skate punk band and doing well for ourselves for how new we are.


you can check us out at:


Thanks :)

I guess I'm one of the few people with a mohawk who listens to things like electroswing drum 'n' bass, sometimes even some form of dubstep, of course I also like punk, rock, metal, folk, blues, etc. like most of the people do I guess.

Punk Rock :) Mainstream or not, The Casualties is my all-time favourite band, I don't care what others say.
I also love ska, irish pub music and country music haha! but heavy metal and power metal are also good.

PUNK ROCK!  Dead kennedys, sex pistols, ramones, clash, choking victim, antiflag, propagandhi, misfits...   All the good shit.

Black Metal and Prog Rock

I'm into mostly punk and classic rock

 I like most music but right now I'm exploring Indonesian punk. My favorite bands are Marjinal, and Romi and The Jahats. Marjinal's "Marsinah" is among the best labor songs ever performed, in any language, and Romi and The Jahat's "Kali Ini" is also very good in my opinion. Have to love their motto ("Persetan Aturan Yang Kalian Membuat", "Fuck The Rules You Guys Made," and the phrase in posters in the "Kali Ini" video ("Panjang Umur Para Pambangkang," "Long Live The Dissidents").




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