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Does anyone know what type of mohawk this is called or has pics?

I want to get a mohawk thats kind of like a fan but not as thin. I saw this guy with a mohawk and it looked like he shaved only the sides of his head and a small portion of the back. I've tried finding pics on the internet of this look but I don't know what the style is called. The closest thing I could think of was a horses mane but I could only find one pic of it and it was a girl and it didn't look like the guy I'm talking about.

At what length would you guys recommend I cut my hair? I shaved my head down to like 1/8 or something like that a month ago and now it's about 1/2 to 3/4 of an inch. What hair products should I use to keep my hair up? I want my hair to stay up but not be hard and all spiky looking like with gel.

Also, I have read that Mane N'Tail works for helping hair grow faster. Does it really grow faster or does it just make it grow thicker? My hair already grows pretty thick and I don't it to be any thicker than it needs to be while its growing.

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you can cut your hair at any length, youll end up with the same results in the end. when your hair is short gel will usually work and look just fine to put it up with. once you get some length i recommend switching to hairspray. a good flexible hairspray is bed head hard head hairspray.

mane n tail wont make your hair grow faster, but it is packed with good things for your hair, will make it very soft, and it smells great! the best way to make your hair grow is to keep it healthy. and if youd like more tips on keeping your hair healthy i would be more then happy to dig out my old post on it!
The thing I don't like about gel is that it gets all hard and sometimes flaky. I want my hair to be up but still be somewhat soft and I don't want it to look all spiky like I combed it a lot. The guy that I saw had hair like this.
then use hairspray
no shampoo or anything will actually make your hair thicker really. The thickness is based on how much hair you have on your head and it only goes down perhaps in time with thinning/balding. As far as I know and have read though, thickness is somethign you either got, or don't got.

I was always looking that up because I have pretty thin/fine hair and always wanted it thicker...seems I am boned! =(
it also has to do with the actual thickness of the strands, though im really not sure about anything that can help that.. google it? see what you can come up with? theres home remedys for everything out there, some are usually worth a shot.


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