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hey everyone i just need some advice on how i should go abouts dying my hawk. i dont have anyone to help me with it right now and i need it dyed by tomorrow. i have the bleach and hair dye 

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Alright no problem man should be relatively easy. You're probably gonna want to use a bit of vasoline around where you aren't dyeing and your ears and face, all that. Lay everything out and have extra towels around that you don't mind getting messed up and definitely a handheld mirror to check the back. You should be good man just focus on the roots and go out from there be thorough with the bleach. Set a timer or watch the clock very carefully . With the dye again very thoroughly from root to tip and I always hit it with the hair dryer and leave it a bit longer than the instructions say. Don't know if this is much help but good luck man! :)

Yeppers....vaseline is a good idea. I always do mine on say a Saturday morning, so I can wash it and get the slight blemishes off before I go back to work Monday. 

If you are bleaching before using color, and your hair is dark, you will want to make sure to get the dark color out of your hair before using the color. The lighter you can get your hair before adding the color, the better the color will take to the hair shaft. I need to use a 40 vol on my medium dark brown hair. Also, using heat like Sarah said is a helps the bleach to work. Bleach comes in basically three volumes....20,30, and 40. Everyone is different as to which Vol you may require, but the main thing is to get the cuticle on the hair shaft to blow open so it can absorb the following color really well. It's best for your hair to use the lowest Vol you can to achieve the job, but main thing is to get the hair as much removed of your natural hair color as possible before applying the color. It's good to study the color wheel as well so you know how certain colors may interact.....for example applying a red may turn orange as it fades or may not want that. Good luck and post some pics!  

Hey Dan i posted pictures from the show!

Hey Sarah and Dan thanks for the advice it really helped! 
I went from having my red manic panic being a really faded pink to almost white with a bit of the pink tint left, i was going to dye it blue for the show im playing tomorrow but i got lazy and im just going to leave it this blondish white for a few days then dye it.
Ill post pictures as soon as i can! 
Thanks again :)

Hope your hawk looks good man good luck with the show!! :)

Thanks! The show went awesome Im uploading pictures now

I might be late but:

1. when you wash out the bleach and you are planning to dye right after: only use shampoo when rinsing (not conditioning allows the dye to soak into the hair better), then only rinse out the dye with cold water (manic panic acts as a conditioner so you shouldnt need to condition your hair). 
2. since you are using manic panic, keep it in as long as possible it shouldn't damage your hair because you aren't lifting any color. i leave it in until its almost air dried, i even have some friends wrap up their hair in seran wrap and sleep with it in. 

3. applying heat to a semi-permanent dye will make it permanent... or at least last a ridiculous amount of time. so don't blow dry your hair dye in your hair unless you want that shit to stay there forever. (blue is the hardest color to lift, so probably not best to make it permanent)
4. things that make your hair fade faster:
hot water
chlorine (from swimming pools)

5. wash your hair as few times as possible and only use just enough shampoo. Shower in cold water and put some ( like a spoonful at most) of your manic panic in your conditioner bottle (i like to grab the little travel size bottles from walgreens/CVS so I'm not turning a big ass bottle of conditioner a certain color) this will act as a rinse and will keep your hair from fading faster. 

Yep, thats all I got. 

awesome thanks Boogle!

Dude Boogle lol I'm gonna have to thank you as well. I'm just having a problem deciding the color but that was all awesome advice :)

oh no problem, i used to be part of a hair group long ago when myspace was still kicking and we talked about hair dye all the time haha. 

well you put it on your mohawk area and rub it all in and wash it out. like dying regular hair but not putting it all over your head. and then if you can shave the sides just in case but really who cares if its messed up. 

oh and if your hair is dark may as well use the entire bottle, if its not, you might only need like half lol. i bleached my hair not too long ago. had to use 2 whole bottles to get it kinda bleached.


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