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Does anyone have any tips on how to get your hawk like this?  It's from a film called The Taqwacores about Muslim punks (and is totally awesome, everyone should watch it).  I can't find any brilliant pics of it but hopefully you get the idea.  It seems to be halfway beween a proper mohawk and a fluffy one


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I saw that movie too and loved it. I also like that type of hawk but it looks cool because of how his hair is naturally. It looks like the dude has thick, maybe coarse, and natural curl to his hair. Looking at your pics, I'm guessing that you and me both may have to settle for "proper" or "fluffy"


thoght it might be something like that, cheers. now I just have to gather enough effort to actually do something with mine

Yep, a case of hair genetics, sadly. 


Only thing I can imagine getting near would be gel or Brylcreem to thicken your hair.   You'd need to experiment to see if you can get near.  I suspect it'd be easier on medium length hair and leaving it to gain some natural oils (i.e. don't wash it every day).


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