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Anyone else live in a town with absolutely no punk scene?

No local bands no other punks, just a bum fuck town.

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That sounds like pretty much everywhere I've ever lived, and I imagine the same goes for everywhere I haven't lived (as my friend RawTerror from Canada said; "nowhere is that great nowadays")


Not a bad thing to me, you get enough punk rockers together shit goes south real fast. Usually the stuck-up ones will pick on somebody (you know how that goes, the XxhardcorexX PoNx RaWk fashion police telling people things like "u dunt needz studs and green hurr 2 b ponx guize") and then get angry when they are ignored (a story you can skip if you want; saw some kid at show say the previous to some 50-year-old guy with purple liberty spikes and a blazer jacket with so many studs he looked like a disco ball, the old guy grabbed the kid and said "if you can't look at me without copying a line from yourscenesucks maybe this isn't the place for you. Now go home, your mother must be worried sick," of course its always the spoiled snobby kids that turn to violence in an attempt at earning $tr33t credz, resulting in em both getting thrown out). 


I had allot of things in parentheses, so the stuff that wasn't I underlined so nobody got confused.

If you ever come back to Jax, you will have Eliott. So, really, you will have a punk friend. (In theory)


But, since Eliott is no longer in Tampa, I feel that I am without.

Jacksonville is a pretty cool place, you should move there. Fuck I should move there >:/

Why do you say so? I feel like Tampa has a lot more to do, Jacksonville just has a lot more things to buy. I am applying to schools in the area, so there is a possibility that I will, eventually, move there.

What do you mean by 'things to buy'?

I think a better question would be who does :P I'm from a suburb of 4000 people.

... that is what he asked. 


Thanks for catching me on that one. Also, the part of Canada I'm from, B.C. actually has a really large punk scene. Asides the unbearable amount of Asshats, and crusties who make fun of people for living in houses (Ironic, isn't it) it's not all that bad. There's a decent number of shows, and always something to do. I'm only acouple hours transit away, so it is alright.
Shit I wish I lived in Canada. Canadas awesome. You can watch cool canadian bands play, drink canadian beer, or go to the doctor just for the fun of it!

Fucking lucky. NOOOOOO big cities near me have anything whatsoever.


yeah, i live in a really small town with no punk scene ... it sucks ... :P

Thanks for the replies guys. I feel a bit better.



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