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Anyone else live in a town with absolutely no punk scene?

No local bands no other punks, just a bum fuck town.

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No one for hundreds of miles (I'm assuming) where I am..the only thing that lurks here are sk8ers and preppies which blows. D: Shaved 3/4's of my head so they automatically assume i'm gay (Considering i'm the only one with short hair). Loool. 

I've been the only one of my kind for quite some time now. There used to be a HUGE punk scene here, I hopped on a train and went gallivanting about the country for a while, when I returned they had all gone...?! Where the hell they went, God only knows, but they're DAMN sure not here anymore!


It's gotten so bad that I'm SERIOUSLY considering moving t somewhere"(ANY-where)" where there's more of "my kind" VERY soon...

New Mexico.




NO punk scene in Miami whatsoever

That is a lie.

In fact, there is an entire group dedicated to it on this site.

We've got a six man crew down in old fuck town copley, ohio. The rest are a bunch of stuck up nazi brats or little rich kids dubbing themselves "hipsters".
fucking hipsters
all it takes for me it one 20 min train ride and I'm in NY,


Haha, all the kids here are all about being "b00tal" and being bro. It's suuuuuuper rad.



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