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Well just wondering hasanyone here ever been to jail,juvi or prison...Honestly Ive been to juvi for robbery and Ive been to juvilike 4 times for parolee violation.Ive been to a precint and released like 10 times and Ive been to rikers Islan like 3 times...Each time to rikers island for assault.I did for months in c74 when I was 18....iT was kinda wild in there.Got into a few fights and shit.. Anyway how many of you guys been to jail,juvi,prison or even to the precint...?  Honestly the only thing jail did was make me tougher and enjoy the comfort of pataki's... Pataki's are jail shoes that look like slip on vans hahaha

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Incoming street credz!
hahaha oh shit
damn man that sux..I wonder what you did to get yourself in that situation mutt.,,
oh shit you wasnt playing with the nigga you was fucking up muttt hahaha
Nope, I've always been kind of a "good boy".
awe well thats wassup..Bringing diversity to this website


 The closest Institution I went to was Job Corp. I got kicked out later for giving sombody a concussion. I lucked out because the school was outside of my home state, the victem could have pressed charges and have me thrown in prison. Instead, JC put me on a bus outta here faster than the law could touch me. Like, literally the next day the inncident happened. They pulled me out of work, told me to get on the bus, they will pack my belongings etc.

I think maybe it's because they are programmed to rehabilitate and train, It wouldnt look so good on their track record if too many students still keep getting reprimanded..


 Where I grew up, you had to have strict parents to get put in any institution. My folks were oblivious/negligent. So I accounted for very little stupid acts.

nope,,lol and I grew up in Newark NJ lol,,and I'm 33 yay I beat the statistics lmao
I worked in a prison for 20 years as an officer and I can tell you for a fact that do not do any good for anyone, the system has never been able to find the right balance between punishment and rehab, I mean really locking someone up for 23 hrs a day does nothing, but make that person hate even more. What we really need is to help people understand why they are in this situation and then give them the tools to make their life better, however the individual must want to change for this to work, but I am very proud of the fact that in 20 years of service I never had to physically take any one down, I was always able to talk to to them, I always believed in the power of communicating and treating everyone with the same respect that I expected. For this I was labeled a "hug a thug". I never understood why that if you are in jail, prison, whatever that you do not still need to be treated with respect, I do not know if I ever reached anyone, but if I was able to help just one person not go back to jail then I was succesful in my job.
that really awesome man the respect part and damnn..You been working that job my whole jail span..Wow i sure feel like a shrimp now hahaha
Nope, I haven't and i don't plan on going i do have a few warrents for minor stupid things but well ill let those play out
City/court cell is as far as I ever got. Some community service, probation, the tedious stuff. I think they're all mischief tickets.


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