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Well just wondering hasanyone here ever been to jail,juvi or prison...Honestly Ive been to juvi for robbery and Ive been to juvilike 4 times for parolee violation.Ive been to a precint and released like 10 times and Ive been to rikers Islan like 3 times...Each time to rikers island for assault.I did for months in c74 when I was 18....iT was kinda wild in there.Got into a few fights and shit.. Anyway how many of you guys been to jail,juvi,prison or even to the precint...?  Honestly the only thing jail did was make me tougher and enjoy the comfort of pataki's... Pataki's are jail shoes that look like slip on vans hahaha

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Not even a parking ticket. :]
A friend of my girls and mine did 2-3 years on and off. He was a street kid lived in squats, stole to eat, begged for money to buy goon ended up on drugs for a while, and ended up getting done for armed robbery after he was ripped of by some cunt and went to retreive what belonged to him. We tracked him down bout a year ago and he now has no front teeth cos he caught someone cheating in a game of poker and they stomped him in the face before he had time to get to his feet. not sure if he went to juvi before all this or not. all in all. he reckons he did his time pretty easy....if having ur teeth smashed out is doin it easy. but now he has picked himself up has a partner and a job and all in all is alot better off, still a punk still drink alot so i dunno i guess it can work if you want it to.

wow sounds like hard times and oh shit thas kinda how I got my two front teeth knocked out.damn

whats that?
I was given a 4 year sentence for manslaughter when i was 18 but the decision was appealed against and retrial given, only served 2 months and given 60 hours community service. I feel grateful it was only 2 months but in my opinion and the whole town i shoudlnt of been given anything, Daniel Bartlett i wear your blood on my hands with my head held high. RIP Leah Farnsborough
Nope. I'm an angel. I swear.
well does the pysch ward count lol cause I have been locked up in several mental institutions spanning 12 years,the last time was about 10 years ago though,but let me tell you those places where FUCKED UP,you had a certain time to shower had to hurry up and eat,act up and the goons come out and tackle your ass drug you up take all your clothes off then strap you face down ass naked on a fucking table like bed,then theres the sticking you with needles all fucking day,horrible side affects from the meds ect ,,whew,,sorry about that rant/flashback,,lol
i was in jail for five days lol..   i went to arizona to see some buddies. i was there less than 2 hours and a cop pulled me asided because i was " walking on the wrong side of the street" . he searched me and found that i had some bud.  he took me to a holding cell,  nobody bailed me out so the next day they sent me to a larger facility. i was there five days, and then i get a notice saying my case has been dismissed due to insufficient evidence.   im gonna assume the evidence would be my bud.. which the lil piggies smoked.. lucky assholes
just proved my point....pigs R shit
Nope, I try not to break the law (it's there for a reason) and on the occasions I have (drug possession / underage drinking etc.) I use the golden rule: Don't get caught.
iv been in a bunch of times...mainly for breakin an entering, possession and DUI.  Iwas in for a few more serious things an spend 3 years for crime which my attorney reduced to boderly  harm.  jail makes you touffer an great place to learn new shit from other inmates so when ya get the fuck out your a better criminal.  fuck the law
nope, i stole a car once when i was 16, but the owner didn't press charges. and have only had 2 tickets. my biological father was in prision though, as well as three of my uncles.


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