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At a festival for 4 days.. how am I gonna keep it up!?

Hey so I'm heading off to download festival next month & I am fucking SYKED! Anyone else on here got a ticket? I'll be looking out for some sick hawks -:D

Anyway, I got about a 6'' hawk which I normally keep up for 2 days straight until it just gives in, I'm also growing a side hawk but that's an easily controllable length atm. What i'm looking for is a way to keep this shit up as long as possible! I'm leaving on the thursday morning and obv not gonna be able to get hold of hairdryer when I'm there because of no power so I reckon I'll do it before I go, but i'm there til sunday night. Any ideas/products I could use to keep it going the whole time?


Cheers for reading!

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knox it?

Is that a hair gel? Haven't seen it in England.

its a brand of unflavored gelatin. all powdered unflavored gelatin is the same, it works well.

i've always used gelatin and when i first got my hawk it was about six inches and it would stay up usually for about 8 days, a few times it was up for 10 days.



This is the best bit of advice for ya. Knox'll keep it up for weeks at a time if you want to.

yeh its gel,  just use glue and spit, it usually keeps mine up for a few days

haha do you use actual glue or got2be glue?

Well, my best experience with keeping SPIKES up for a festival was to use a Taft hairspray (purple one with orange tip). The day before the fest my friends helped me to put up my spikes, and we used like 2 cans of the spray, it was hard as shit, and lasted for three days of fest. I cant remember how long i kept it up after coming home on the third day, but I remember all the punks asking how I kept it up so well.. On the fest I just had to straighten the tips..


I hope it helps.. ;) btw i had like 16' hawk, I can't remember.. :)


Haha fucking epic! That's where i'm headed in the long run.. perhaps next year I shall be at those extreme heights, or the year after! that's really helpful cheers I'll just spray it to hell before and take another full can with me :) might try this knox stuff everyone's on aswell :D

knox is like gelatin you can find it at food stores.
I say just use got2bglued if you can get your hands on it that keeps my over a foot hawk up for over a week and with liberty spikes it can stay up for longer and its really resistant. With my spikes they just stay they dont even move in the hard wind we get.
Use clear washable elmer school glue. my hair stayed spiked for 3 days (as long as u sleep on your side).

I will give it a go! I'm pretty good at sleeping on my side now, it's just the fact that im in a tent will add another dimension of difficulty, last time i slept in a tent it ended like this... haha

you could try viagra... although i hope a guy at your age doesn't have this problem. :/



... what? was i the only one who giggled at the topic title?


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